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Approximately half of all undergraduates study physics while at Stanford. We are pleased to serve students who take physics courses to support their major in the sciences or engineering, to pursue a physics-related degree, or for general interest. We strive to use effective, interactive learning techniques to engage students in physics. We provide world-class research opportunities for students in Physics and Engineering Physics.

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How to Declare

Learn how to declare Physics as your major

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Advice for Physics Students

Advice for anyone considering taking introductory physics classes or majoring in physics.

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The goal of the program is to help our students develop a deep understanding of physics and the rigorous, scientific thinking that comes with it.

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The Physics Minor requires PHYSICS 41 & 43 (or equivalent), PHYSICS 61+61L, 71+71L, & 81+89L, MATH 51, 52, & 53, and at least two 100-level Physics courses.

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Undergraduate Courses

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Undergraduate Resources

Here you will find helpful information regarding planning your major, physics tutoring, and outreach opportunities.

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Stanford University Physics Society

The Stanford Society of Physics Students is a student group supported by the Stanford Physics Department whose goal is to support and promote the student physics community.

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Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit

Learn about Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit

Placement Diagnostic

Placement Diagnostic

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Applying to Graduate School

Resources for students applying to graduate programs in physics-related fields