All courses for the Physics Minor must be taken at Stanford University for a letter grade, and a grade of 'C-' or better must be received for all units applied toward the minor except as noted in the following paragraph.

The requirements for the Minor in Physics are PHYSICS 41 & 43 (or equivalent), PHYSICS 61+61L, 71+71L, & 81+89L, MATH 51, 52, & 53, and at least two 100-level Physics courses, one of which is typically a course in partial differential equations (PHYSICS 111 or MATH 131P). 

Students who have completed any of MATH 51, 52, 53, PHYSICS 41, 43, 61, 71, 81 courses (and labs) at Stanford in support of their Major may count those units towards the Physics Minor. Students who have already learned the material in any of these required introductory physics courses may petition to substitute more advanced courses (generally Physics Electives) instead for the Minor.  This petition must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  Interested students should contact the Student Services Officer in the Physics Department.  In no case will this reduce the total number of courses required for the Minor.

The Minor declaration deadline is three quarters before graduation, typically the beginning of the Autumn Quarter if the student is graduating at the end of the Spring Quarter.


Physics Minor

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