Physics Major

The mission of the undergraduate program in Physics is to provide students with a strong foundation in both classical and modern physics. The goal of the program is to develop both quantitative problem solving skills and the ability to conceive experiments and analyze and interpret data. These abilities are acquired through both course work and opportunities to conduct independent research. The program prepares students for careers in fields that benefit from quantitative and analytical thinking, including physics, engineering, teaching, medicine, law, science writing, and science policy, in government or the private sector. In some cases, the path to this career will be through an advanced degree in physics or a professional program.

For B.S. in Engineering Physics information use this link

B.S. In Physics

To help in deciding which introductory sequence is most suitable, students considering a major in Physics may contact the undergraduate program coordinator (elva [at] (elva[at]stanford[dot]edu)) to arrange an advising appointment with a Physics faculty advisor. Also, see this extensive list of Physics advising resources, including the  Physics Placement Diagnostic.  Although it is possible to complete the Physics major in three years, students who contemplate starting the major during sophomore year should make an advising appointment to map out their schedule. Students who have had previous college-level courses should make an advising appointment for placement and possible transfer credit. For advanced placement advice, see the Registrar's website.

To learn more about the Physics major, please refer to the Bulletin information here.

Several changes to the current requirements for the Physics major and the Engineering Physics major will be implemented beginning in Autumn quarter 2022. The changes and the motivation for each are described in these brief documents:
These modified requirements apply to students who enter Stanford in Autumn 2022 or later.  Students who entered Stanford before Autumn 2022 have the option of using the requirements that applied when they entered Stanford or the modified requirements.