What is Physics STEMentors?

Physics STEMentors

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The Physics STEMentors program is a pilot program to provide academic, social, and wellness support to students in the introductory Stanford physics course, Physics 41, which is a key gateway into STEM majors. Our program is modeled off of the successful Chemistry Department STEMentors program.  Participants will enroll in a one-unit class with a mentor of their choosing and receive personalized mentorship, small-group community, support for their learning and well-being, and academic skills coaching for success in Physics 41.  Our program is open to everyone, but is especially targeted towards first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented-minority students, as well as students with less high-school physics preparation.

Note: if the physics diagnostic recommended that you take Physics 41E, please enroll in that course.  The Physics STEMentors program is not intended to be an alternative to 41E.

If you are a Winter Quarter 2024 Physics 41 student, join us!