What is Physics STEMentors?

Physics STEMentors

The Physics STEMentors program is a pilot program to provide academic, social, and wellness support to students in the introductory Stanford physics course, Physics 41, which is a key gateway into STEM majors. Our program is modeled off of the successful Chemistry Department STEMentors program.  Participants will enroll in a one-unit class with a mentor of their choosing and receive personalized mentorship, small-group community, support for their learning and well-being, and academic skills coaching for success in Physics 41.  Our program is open to everyone, but is especially targeted towards first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented-minority students, as well as students with less high-school physics preparation.

Note: if the physics diagnostic recommended that you take Physics 41E, please enroll in that course.  The Physics STEMentors program is not intended to be an alternative to 41E.

If you are a Winter Quarter 2024 Physics 41 student, join us!

Jesus Aispuro

Hi! My name is Jesus Aispuro and I am a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering and am interested in Electrical Engineering. I am part of LSP and identify as FLI. I previously worked as a physics teacher for students from low-income communities and I am passionate about closing the education gap. Outside of class, I have an interest in playing card games, video games, and art. I look forward to working with everyone and helping you succeed in physics!

Ethan Farah

Hey y’all! My name is Ethan Farah (he/him), and I’m a pre-med sophomore majoring in Biomechanical Engineering and Computer Science. At present, I'm part of the Kapiloff Lab at the Byers Ophthalmology Center, where one of the many projects we're focusing on is regenerative drug therapy for the optic nerve. I have a strong interest in teaching and education, and I'm really looking forward to working with all of you this quarter. Outside of my academic pursuits, I enjoy music – I play classical piano and occasionally DJ – and I'm an avid fan of spending time in nature, especially backpacking and hiking in places like South Sequoia National Park.

Alice Ku

Alice is a junior majoring in Engineering Physics with a Biophysics concentration. She is interested in medical engineering, especially medical imaging. Her research is about denoising X-ray images with deep learning and building a compact dosimeter. Outside of class, she enjoys playing in the orchestra.

Jason Lin

Jason is a junior at Stanford from Pikeville, Kentucky. He is pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Thermo-Fluids. On campus, he serves as the financial officer for Stanford Undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering (SUME) and as an undergraduate research assistant with the Hanson Research Group, studying hypersonic flows. Outside of class,  he fills his time with hiking, working out, and all things cars and motorsport. Coming to Stanford from a small rural high school, Jason hopes to encourage students from all backgrounds to succeed in physics and beyond. Now a part of the STEMentors team, he is excited to assist Physics 41 students with learning, academic planning, and life at Stanford in general.

Nick Riedman

Nick is a Junior at Stanford from Mount Angel, OR (pop. 3,500) studying Data Science. He is passionate about applied statistics in machine learning and AI, and loves to nerd out over neat applications of math in computer science, physics, statistics or really any field. After Stanford, Nick plans to either pursue an advanced degree studying AI or a career in industry as a Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer. As someone who came to Stanford from a rural high school (with a graduating class of 40 people), Nick is passionate about helping students make the most of their transition into a university like Stanford. In his free time, Nick enjoys reading, playing video games, climbing, and skiing!

Avni Vats

Hi! I’m Avni (she/her) and I’m a sophomore studying Physics and Electrical Engineering. I’m passionate about all things energy - my interests range from novel materials for energy efficient computing to hardware specifically designed for AI operations to affordable, accessible alternative energy. I also care deeply about equity in education and ensuring that everyone is equipped to wholly engage with content both inside and outside the classroom. On campus, I’m involved with outreach for POWER, the pre-college energy research program, the Stanford Math Tournament, and the Stanford Research Conference and I serve as a mentor for incoming international students. I’m from Mumbai, India and in my free time, I love to spend time outdoors, run, swim, and explore coffee shops with friends.