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Graduate Life

Graduate Life

Student activities are an integral part of life at Stanford. While our graduate students remain focused on their academic course of study and their research, they also strive to maintain a healthy balance between academic and social commitments. Our graduate student body includes avid bikers, runners, hikers, singers, dancers, musicians, as well as students who are active participants in student government and/or community work. Stanford and its surrounding area provide a haven for all of the above activities.

The Physics Department staff organizes many special social events for our students and faculty throughout the entire year. Starting with the welcoming Party in September, we have Halloween Fun in October, a Thanksgiving Social in November, Holiday Gaieties in December, the FairbankMemorial Run/Walk in February, a St. Patrick's Day celebration in March, our Department Picnic in May, the Commencement Reception in June, and other events throughout the year.

The Physics Department is a close-knit community comprised of our faculty, students, staff and their families. Our Department strives to provide a supportive network and a stimulating environment for our graduate students.

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The Physics Department welcomes applications to our graduate program from all qualified applicants, including those from a broad range of life experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds who would contribute to our community of scholars. We put forth our best efforts to provide an environment conducive to graduate study in physics, and our goal is for every student to be successful in his/her own area of research. Physics is a science which deals with natural phenomena and provides the foundation for many technological developments that improve the quality of life on earth.