Applied Physics/Physics Colloquium

AY 2022/23

Spring Quarter Colloquium Committee: R. Blandford, V. Khemani (CHAIR), A. Safavi-Naeini. Start time: 3:30 p.m. in Hewlett 200.

DATE SPEAKER InStitution host title
4/4/2023 Steve Chu, Steve Koonin, Bob Laughlin Stanford University Roger Blandford In this experimental format for a physical colloquium, our three distinguished speakers will each introduce and describe one unsolved physical science problem relevant to transitioning to a sustainable world.
4/11/2023 Christian Weinheimer University of Münster Giorgio Gratta Direct search for the neutrino mass scale with the KATRIN experiment
4/18/2023 Mark G. Raizen The University of Texas at Austin Steve Chu

Isotopes, Maxwell’s demon, and The Pointsman Foundation

4/25/2023 Romain Vasseur UMass Amherst Vedika Khemani

Anomalous hydrodynamics of low dimensional quantum systems


Fiona Burnell

University of Minnesota

Vedika Khemani

Symmetry, topology, and the many faces of condensed matter

5/10/2023 (Wednesday)

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

University of Oxford

Philip Bucksbaum

Women in Astrophysics

5/16/2023 Ignacio Cirac Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics Vedika Khemani Quantum computing in the presence of errors
5/23/2023 Boris Shraiman UCSB Benjamin Good Physics of Morphogenesis
5/30/2023 Phiala Shanahan  MIT Lauren Tompkins

From quarks to nuclei: computing the Standard Model


AY 2023/24

Autumn Quarter Colloquium Committee:  Vedika Khemani (Chair), Peter Michelson.

DATE SPEAKER InStitution host title
10/3/2023 Giorgio Gratta & Ian Fisher Stanford University   State Of The Departments
10/10/2023 Mike Crommie UC Berkeley    


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