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Applied Physics/Physics Colloquium

Winter 2017/2018, Committee:  Andrei Linde (Chair), Savas Dimopoulos, Benjamin Lev, Shoucheng Zhang

01/09/2018 Helmut Katzgraber Texas A&M University Benjamin Lev "Quantum vs. Classical Optimization:  A Status Update on the Arms Race"
01/16/2018 Frank Wilczek MIT Shoucheng Zhang "Symmetries of Time"
01/23/2018 Mike Romalis Princeton University Savas Dimopoulos "Searches for new physics with nuclear spin precession"
01/30/2018 Erez Berg University of Chicago Steven Kivelson "Critical Metals:  Lessons from quantum Monte Carlo studies"
02/06/2018 Bruce Macintosh Stanford University Andrei Linde "Extrasolar Planets"
02/13/2018 Pablo Jarillo-Herrero MIT Aharon Kapitulnik "Magic Angle Graphene: a New Platform for Strongly Correlated Physics"
02/20/2018 James Sethna Cornell University Student hosted colloq. "Sloppy Models, Differential Geometry, and How Science Works"
02/27/2018 Andrei Bernevig Princeton University Shoucheng Zhang "Topological Quantum Chemistry"
03/06/2018 Dick Bond Univ. of Toronto L. Senatore & A. Linde "The Entropic Matter(s) of an Ordered Universe"
03/13/2018 David Spergel Princeton University Andrei Linde “The Search for Dark Energy and NASA’s WFIRST Mission”


Spring 2017/2018, Committee:  Lauren Tompkins (Chair), Steve Kivelson, Patrick Hayden, Monika Schleier-Smith

04/03/2018 Vicky Kalogera - Hofstadter lecturer Northwestern University Leo Hollberg "The Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics"
04/10/2018 Peter Onyisi Univ. of Texas Lauren Tompkins "Top Quarks:  The New Flavor"
04/17/2018 James Crutchfield Univ. of Calif. at Davis Student-hosted "Demonology:  The Curious Role of Intelligence in Physics & Biology"
04/24/2018 Markus Greiner Harvard University Monika Schleier-Smith "Ultracold Atom Quantum Simulations:  From Exploring Low Temperature Fermi-Hubbard Phases to Many-Body Localization"
05/01/2018 Harald Hess HHMI, Janelia Research Campus Steve Chu "Large Volume 3D Imaging by FIBSEM and Cryo-Fluorescence for Cell Biology and Neural Circuits"
05/08/2018 Andrei Linde Stanford University TBD/Peter Michelson? "Reverse Engineering the Universe"
05/15/2018 Chris Monroe Univ. of Maryland Monika Schleier-Smith "Quantum Computing with Trapped Ions"
05/22/2018 Dawn Williams Univ. of Alabama Lauren Tompkins

"The IceCube Neutrino Observatory and the Beginning of Neutrino Astrophysics"

05/29/2018 Daniel Holz Univ. of Chicago Risa Wechsler "GW170817:  Hearing and Seeing a Binary Neutron Star Merger"