Physics Undergraduate Women and Gender Minorities at Stanford (PUWMAS) is Stanford’s first undergraduate group dedicated to forming an inclusive community of underrepresented minorities in physics.

We have two main missions:

  1. Promote diversity in physics by uniting and uplifting minority voices.
  2. Provide opportunities for personal, academic, and career development.

Congrats to PUWMAS for winning a 2018 Student Activities and Leadership Campus Impact Award for Building Bridges!


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Executive Board [as of 2019-20]

Elyssa Hofgard

Elyssa Hofgard, Co-President

Kathlynn Simotas

Kathlynn Simotas, Co-President

Lark Wang, Co-President and Financial Officer

Professional Development

Nazli Ugur Koyluoglu

Nazli Ugur Koyluoglu, Director of Professional Development, 2019-20

The PUWMAS Professional Development Branch is aimed towards providing members with the resources to identify and pursue compatible employment opportunities. In this past, we have organized quarterly workshops on topics such as negotiation, resume/CV writing, interviewing, and interfacing with employers, to ensure our member possess the skills necessary to achieve in their professional aspirations. This year, we have focused on hosting faculty lunches as well as academic planning and summer opportunities panels to help our members access valuable information and perspectives as they explore academic and job opportunities.

Diversity and Education

Serena Debesai

Serena Debesai, Director of Diversity and Education, 2019-20

Pulling underrepresented voices in physics from the margins to the center, the Diversity and Education branch fosters a robust, inclusive community. Events this year included member spotlights, and workshops with the Office of Accessible Education (OAE) and CAPS. The Director of Diversity and Educations also sits on the Department’s Equity and Inclusion Committee. In addition, members of PUWMAS are involved as both facilitators and participants of Physics 94SI, a student-initiated, lecture-series-format class that serves to bring diverse perspectives from professors and industry professionals to students interested in physics.

Community Development

Galit Anikeeva, Director of Community Development, 2019-20

The Community Development branch aims to strengthen the student community in physics through social mixers, mentorship, and bimonthly general meetings. In the Fall of 2017, we kicked off our mentorship program, which pairs underclassmen and upperclassmen in Physics and Engineering Physics. This year, we have extended the mentorship program to form mentorship groups with underclassmen, upperclassmen, as well as graduate students and post-docs. We also hold a Special D in the winter, and throw Physics Formal (together with the Stanford University Physics Society — SUPS) in the spring.