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Guidelines for Hosts

  • If you are in a hurry, just read this: The Colloquium is a general talk that is intended to educate the entire physics community about a topic of interest. So, in choosing the speakers we should make sure that they can give an interesting talk for such a broad audience. Once you have a speaker lined up, please make sure that said speaker reads the short instructions here.
  • Before formally inviting the speaker, communicate with the Colloquium Chair listed here and the Physics Chair Assistant who manages the schedule (this is important not to double-book slots).
  • The host is responsible for getting title and abstract, to be posted on the calendar.
  • The administrative associate of the Colloquium host is responsible for travel and other logistics.
  • The host is responsible for introducing the speaker (unless this has been delegated to someone else). Start the session on time at 3:30 (unless there is the need for announcements).
  • The host is responsible for managing the audience.  While some interaction during the talk may be appropriate, the time for questions is at the end.
  • The host… hosts the dinner, typically including three colleagues besides the speaker. For the multitude of administrative rules please inquire with your assistant.