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Resources Overview

Resources Overview

Copy Center

Resources For Students & Postdocs

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Safety Training

Review required and additional training offerings.

Learn more about EH&S safety training

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Resources for Graduate Advisors

29th Annual Bunyan Lecture:  "Unveiling the Pulse of Our Galaxy"

Photo and Video Archives

Photos and videos of the Stanford Physics Department through the years.

View the archives here.

Gas Cylinders

Khoi Huynh

Physics Stockroom

Physics stockroom (also known as the physics store) is a self-serve hardware and lab-supply store.

Stanford Student Observatory

Linda Cicero

Student Observatory

The Stanford Astronomy Program, through the department of Physics, administers a small teaching observatory for the education and research of its students and faculty.

Rising Stars

Copy Center

Provides convenient copying, printing and scanning for physics staff, faculty, and students.

If you need a copy or print-job done, or want to set up a printing account, contact khoi [at] (Khoi Huynh).

We also do logo and poster design. Click for examples. If you need a poster, flyer, or graphic, contact khoi [at] (Khoi Huynh).


Resources for Staff & Faculty

This section requires a SUnet login and that you be a member of the faculty or staff of the Stanford Physics Dept. You can log in at the bottom of the page, in the right-hand corner.

Resources for Staff & Faculty

Includes dates for Physics Faculty Meetings, UGrad Study Committee Meetings, Grad Study Committee Meetings, and Graduate/Undergraduate Committee Meetings.

Committee / Teaching Assignments & Other Internal Documents

Includes committee & teaching assignments, course schedules.