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Undergraduate Resources

Planning Your Major

The courses required for the B.S. degree in Physics, as well as the Minor in Physics, are listed in the Physics section of the Stanford Bulletin.  When planning your schedule for completing required courses for the Physics major, be aware that almost all courses required for the Physics major (other than PHYSICS 41 & 43) are offered only once a year; in particular, PHYSICS 61, 71, 81 are offered only in Autumn, Winter, Spring, respectively.  

See these sample plans for the start of the Physics and Engineering Physics majors for students matriculating in Autumn 2022 or later.  Since incoming students have a wide range of backgrounds in math and physics, we provide six different plans; each plan assumes a different starting point in math (MATH 19, 20, 21, or 51 or 61) and/or in physics (PHYSICS 41, 43, or 61). You will receive advice on the best starting point for you when you take the placement diagnostics for Math and for Physics.

We also include (below the sample plans) course plans for pursuing different Physics pathways.  

Overseas study is possible within the Physics major -- with planning.  Physics courses required for the major are not offered at any of Stanford's Overseas campuses. 

Physics Tutoring

The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) offers peer tutoring by  undergraduates by appointment. VPUE also provides Learning Skills assistance to students.

In addition, the PHYSICS 20, 40, and 61/71/81 series all offer Group Study Hours where students can work together on problem sets with a member of the teaching staff there to help.

Volunteer and Science Outreach

There are many volunteer and outreach opportunities available for Physics majors, graduate students, postdocs and faculty at Stanford. A good starting point is Education and STEM Outreach.


  • Stanford Splash!

    • The Splash! program is about learning. It’s a program for students between 7th and 12th grade to explore new areas, learn something new, and discover their passions. Hundreds of volunteer Stanford students and community members get together for a single weekend to teach anything they want to students from all over California. Physics graduate students have played key leadership roles in SPLASH! at Stanford.
  • KIPAC Outreach

    • See the Outreach web page for the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology for education and outreach opportunities.

Graduate School:

  • Resources for students applying to graduate programs in physics-related fields (google doc)

Summer Research Forms

  • Coming soon ...