Conference Rooms

Varian has 3 conference rooms that can be reserved for Physics-related events. All rooms can be viewed by Stanford affiliates in Outlook or Stanford Webcal. Click "Add Calendar", "Add From Directory", search the calendar names as listed below. To reserve a time, email khoi [at]

  • "Varian Physics Lab 208" (Capacity 10) - CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION 2023
    • cal_lo_cr_physics_208 at
  • "Varian Physics Lab 312" (Capacity 20)
    • cal_lo_varian_physics_lab_312 at
  • "Varian Physics Lab 355" (Capacity 50)
    • cal_lo_cr_physics_355 at

To reserve HEPL conference room PAB 102/103 email hepl-rooms [at]