Peer Advisors

Spring 2022-2023 Physics Peer Advising

Beginning on Monday Apr. 3...

  • Mondays 4:30-5:30 pm (Jean-Michel) in Varian 4th-floor lounge
  • Tuesdays 5-6pm (Giulia) in Varian 4th-floor lounge
  • Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 (Jean-Michel) in Varian 4th-floor lounge. Today (04/26) on Zoom.  Meeting ID: 832 523 6851. Password: 091664.


  • Thursdays 5-6 pm (Giulia) on Zoom

In-Person Meetings. Peer Advising will be held in the Varian 4th-floor lounge. To get to this location, you can either take the elevator or the staircase  from the Varian lobby. Any changes to this schedule and location will be communicated through this website.

Remote Meetings. All Zoom meetings will be held in this room

  • Meeting ID: 930 8429 4209
  • Password: 387178

No office hours on Memorial Day (May 29) or finals week (Jun 8 - 13)

Jean-Michel Borit

Jean-Michel is a Junior majoring in Physics, currently considering pursuing a Mathematics minor and a coterminal master's degree in EE. His primary interests are quantum computing and quantum communications. He plans to pursue a PhD in applied or theoretical physics. For the past year, Jean-Michel has been involved in the group led by Prof. Jelena Vuckovic, where he does research involving the design and optimisation of diamond nano-devices through simulations. Last year, Jean-Michel worked as a Teaching Assistant for CS 59SI, a student-initiated, project-based course on quantum computing. He has also served as a teacher for Stanford’s Quantum High School. During his free time, Jean-Michel enjoys fencing and practicing taekwondo.


Ask Jean-Michel about: 

  • Research opportunities, including the diverse opportunities and groups at Stanford 
  • Choosing research mentors 
  • Research opportunities abroad 
  • Internship applications, how to write personal statements
  • Opportunities for international students
  • Balancing introductory-level classes 
  • Classes in adjacent departments 
  • Physics major requirements and pathways

Giulia Socolof

Giulia is a senior majoring in Physics and planning on coterming in CS. She has most enjoyed her courses in quantum mechanics and is pursuing the computational physics and data science pathway; she hopes to do future work in computational physics and modeling of physical systems. She spent last summer doing research at Stanford in the group led by Prof. Michel Digonnet and the summer before at Nokia Bell Labs; both research experiences focused on photonics, or the science of leveraging the propagation of light to do things we want. Her Stanford research experience was more theory-oriented – trying to design a better rotation sensor – whereas the Bell Labs project was more computational, using machine learning to help design very small devices/circuits made of silicon. Additionally, she enjoyed two years tutoring in math and physics at Stanford through the Center for Teaching and Learning. Outside the classroom, she is an avid member of the Stanford Student Space Initiative, spending many weekends launching rockets in the Mojave desert. She also plays on the club ice hockey team and loves baking, hiking, doing the NYT crossword/spelling bee, and watching sports.

Ask Giulia about:

  • Finding summer research opportunities, including projects, mentors, and programs
  • Choosing where to begin the introductory physics sequence
  • Choosing a pathway within the physics major
  • Choosing academia vs industry
  • Study tips, feeling behind in a tough class, and where to seek academic help
  • How to study physics and still have a manageable work-life balance
  • Post-undergraduate opportunities, both in and out of physics
  • Anything at all!