Both formal faculty advising and peer mentoring are available to any undergraduate interested in Physics or Engineering Physics majors. 

  • For premajor advising in Physics and physics course transfer evaluation, contact Rick Pam.
  • For premajor advising in Engineering Physics, contact Professor Pat Burchat in Physics or Professor Mark Cappelli in Engineering.
  • For administrative questions, contact the UG Student Services Officer in Physics, Elva Carbajal.
  • For approvals of waivers and substitutions in the Physics major, first contact your major advisor, and then contact Director of Undergraduate Studies in Physics,  Sarah Church


Major Advisors in Physics currently accepting new advisees for 2014/15:


Patricia Burchat

Sarah Church

Sean Hartnoll

Shamit Kachru

Renata Kallosh

Chao-Lin Kuo

Bruce Macintosh

Hari Manoharan

Vahe Petrosian

Sri Raghu

Roger Romani


Major AdvisORS IN Engineering Physics

Click here for Information on major advisors in Engineering Physics.


Peer Mentoring

The Peer Mentoring program is staffed by upper level undergraduates in Physics and Engineering Physics.  These students are available to meet with any and all prospective or declared physics students.  They can answer questions and provide advice on how to contact faculty and how to find research opportunities, or on choosing courses. They are available to discuss your interests in the physics program, how to make LN2 ice cream, etc.  If you are thinking about a major in Physics or Engineering Physics, contact a Mentor to learn more about what it's like to study Physics or Engineering Physics at Stanford.  

Here is the list of Peer Mentors, with biographies and email contacts. 

[under construction for 2014-15]

Feel free to contact anyone on the list, or email the entire list of Peer Mentors. ]