2016 Program information

2016 Program Dates: 

10 weeks: JUNE 20 - August 26, 2016

8 WEEKS: JUNE 20-AUGUST 12 (early start) OR JULY 5 - AUGUST 26, 2016 (late start)

The Summer Research Program offered by the Departments of Physics, Applied Physics and SLAC  is open to Stanford undergraduate Physics and Engineering Physics majors, plus those considering Physics as a major, who wish to dedicate eight or ten weeks of the Summer quarter to research in Physics.

While the focus of the program is to strongly encourage our majors to complete an Honors Thesis, the Summer Research Program also provides an opportunity for students to experience lab research early on in their undergraduate career. The program is structured to fulfill this two-fold purpose, while at the same time serving as many students as possible with limited funding. In order to maximize the benefits of all funding sources, priority for departmental program funds is given to first-time applicants.

Funding for program participants comes from different sources. Although we currently accept applications from Freshmen, ideally students qualify for a Physics/AP/SLAC Summer Research Fellowship after their sophomore year. At this point most students have spent a significant amount of time studying physics in the classroom and are eager to do research. Once a student successfully completes the Summer Research Program and continues their studies in Physics they are generally prepared to research a topic that they will develop into an Honors Thesis during their senior year. Students applying to the program for the second time, and/or entering senior year, should also apply for a Student Major Grant from Undergraduate Research Programs (UAR) in the event that the Physics/AP/SLAC program is not able to award a fellowship for their second summer of research.

In addition to working on research, program participants attend the weekly Research Advisor Seminar Series. This series consists of individual presentations and lab tours by those faculty members currently serving as research advisors for the program. Participants are required to attend all scheduled seminars during their eight or ten weeks of research. Optional field trips to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) and physics related Bay Area attractions (e.g. NASA, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, etc.) provide an educational “break” from research. Presentation of research at a final poster session and a paper on their research experience are also required of all participants.



The program is open only to Stanford Physics or Engineering Physics undergraduate students who will not have graduated by August 2016--funding is not available for students who have their B.S. If you are a co-term student going into your 5th year, you must nothave received your B.S. degree prior to the summer. 

Undeclared students may apply, but must declare the Physics or Engineering Physics major on Axess by the application due date. 

Students who have participated in this program in past years are still eligible to apply.  However, if there are more applicants than funding, priority will be given to those who have not yet had funding.   Those who submit a Student Major Grant proposal are also welcome to apply.

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Note: This program is not an NSF REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program.  


Program Dates and Stipends

Both 8-week and 10-week positions are offered at the discretion of each Faculty Mentor.

  • 10-weeks:  $6400  June 20-August 26, 2016
  • 8-weeks:    $5120  June 20-August 12 (early start) OR July 5 - August 26, 2016 (late start)


Program Staff

Rick Pam, Academic Director
650-725-2365, Varian 242

Elva Carbajal, Undergraduate Student Services
650-723-4362  Physics Main Office, Varian 107

Prof. Sarah Church, Director of Undergraduate Study
650-725-1311, Varian 344