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Vahé Petrosian (ADS, astro-ph) Professor
Theoretical astrophysics with concentration on high energy astrophysical processes and cosmology; solar flares, neutron stars, gamma-ray bursts and the accretion disk of stellar and active galactic black holes; early phase of the universe, the evolution of galaxies and quasars, arcs in clusters of galaxies, and gravitational lensing.

Dana Volponi Group Secretary

Current Group

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Visiting Scholars

Graduate Students


Previous Group Members

Former Post-Doctoral Fellows

Former Visiting Scholars

Former Graduate Students

  • Qingrong Chen
  • Michael Dorris
  • Yanwei Jiang
  • Wei Liu
  • Robert Pelzman
  • Julia Pryadko, Ph.D. June 1998,
    Wave-particle interactions in plasma physics as a particle acceleration mechanism.
  • Dave Saraniti, Ph.D. Jan. 1997,
    Gravitational lens modelling and X-ray gases in galactic clusters as dark matter probes.
  • Walid Azzam, Ph.D. June 1996,
    Cosmological modelling of gamma-ray bursts.
  • Ted Lee, Ph.D. March 1996,
    Solar flare energetics and coronal heating, gamma-ray burst distributions.
  • Brian Park, Ph.D. Sept. 1996,
    Stochastic acceleration of particles and its application to solar flares.

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Joel Hartman
  • Kevin Luli
  • Matt McQuinn
  • Ellie Kitanidis: Senior Thesis 
  • Timothy Q. Donaghy,B.S. June 1999, Senior Thesis: Spatial Structure of Hard-Xray Impulsive Solar Flares.
  • Alexander Maloney, B.S. March 1998, Senior Thesis: Evolution of Quasar luminosity Function.
  • Shimpei Yamashita, B.S. June 1996, Senior Thesis: Surface brightness and luminosity function of galaxies.

Useful Links

Particle Acceleration Code: This code computes the particle and photon spectrum of particles undergoing
stochastic acceleration in a user specified environment:
Postscript Version of documentation
PDF Version of documentation
Tar file containing source code, libraries, etc., including the actual executable program "flare"
Sample sm plotting routine (very basic!)

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