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Emeritus Faculty
Professor (Emeritus)
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J. G. Jackson and C. J. Wood Professor of Physics, Emeritus
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Nobel Prize in Physics 1996

Research Interests

Research efforts center around studies of quantum fluids and solids and glasses at ultra-low temperatures. Current work in quantum fluids and solids includes studies of transport properties in nuclear magnetically ordered solid 3He, studies of the B phase nucleation in superfluid 3He, and experimental searches for new magnetically ordered two dimensional phases of both solid and liquid 3He on graphite surfaces. The work involving glasses is intended to elucidate the nature of two level systems in amorphous materials at ultra-low temperatures, and to develop new low heat capacity/high resolution thermometers for use in the 1 to 10 mK temperature range. 

Specialty: ultra-low temperature physics

Career History

  • B.S., 1967, Caltech 
  • Ph.D., 1973, Cornell 
  • Member of technical staff of AT&T Bell Laboratories, 1972-87 
  • Head Solid State and Low Temperature Research Department 1981-87 
  • Professor of Physics and Applied Physics 1987-present 
  • J. G. Jackson and C. J. Wood Professor of Physics