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Research Positions

Last updated: November 30 2023

The link to the table of 2024 undergraduate research positions is here:  

2024 Undergrad Summer Research Positions

In this listing you will find Physics/Applied Physics/SLAC professors who have expressed interest in mentoring an undergraduate research student.  Note, however, that students may work with any faculty member in Physics/Applied Physics/SLAC whether or not they are listed in this table.

The table also includes faculty from other departments, such as Biophysics, Chemistry, Radiology whose research is in physics or is closely physics-related.  These faculty are pre-approved for mentoring students in our program; they  generally have Physics backgrounds but happen to be in different departments.

Both Physics and Engineering Physics declared majors are eligible, as well as first year students who have not yet declared.   Physics and Engineering Physics majors who wish to work with a faculty member in a School of Engineering Department should also apply to the appropriate Engineering Department's Summer Research Programs.

Department faculty lists, with links to bio's, research interests and websites can be found at:


Need help finding or contacting a faculty mentor?

If you are unsure about how to go about finding a mentor, you can look through the Research Positions list and sort in one of the following ways:

  • If you have an area of interest, look at faculty in that area and see which ones have positions that align with your experience and knowledge of programming or experimental techniques.
  • If you are not sure about area, but want to work with somebody who has research positions that align with your experience, then sort by skills. Note that many positions are suitable for students with no prior research experience.

Once you have identified faculty of interest based on the above criteria, you should email them. A potential template is provided below that you can use (or modify according to the specifics of your situation). You should email multiple faculty in parallel rather than emailing one at a time and waiting for a response. It is okay to send a follow-up email in 4 days to a week, if you have not heard back. If you are finding it challenging to find a faculty mentor, or if you need additional guidance beyond the above suggestions, you should send a single email cc-ing both Prof. Feldman and Dr. Nanavati (bef [at] (bef[at]stanford[dot]edu)nanavati [at] (nanavati[at]stanford[dot]edu)) with your research interests, experience, and details about your Physics coursework to set up a meeting with one of us so that we can brainstorm ideas.

**********Email Template (Text in [brackets] should be customized)**********

Dear Prof. [X]:

I am a [put your year] who is a [select from Physics or Engineering Physics if sophomore or older; or undeclared frosh exploring a Physics or Engineering Physics] major. I am interested in conducting research with you [if applicable: in (name of field)]. By the time I start doing research this summer, I will have completed [Name and # of highest Physics class]. I am familiar with [list programming languages] and/or enjoy doing [list (building things, tinkering, analyzing data...)].

I am attaching my most recent transcript and CV/resume and would love to have a meeting with you over zoom or in person to explore research options. I am free at the following times:

  • [Please give several windows of times when you are available -- different days and times]

Best regards,

[Your name]


Once you have found a faculty mentor whose project is of interest, and who has agreed to mentor you, please email the other faculty on your list letting them know that you have found a group for this summer's Summer Research project.  

Summer Research programs elsewhere on campus (apply directly to these programs)




Geophysics/Earth Sciences.


VPUE has a more extensive list here