Dear Senior Physics majors,

This is a reminder that the deadline for applying to complete a Senior Thesis is Friday, November 15.  Note also that the approval and completion of a Senior Thesis is one of the requirements for the Honors Program.  A Senior Thesis can also be done independently of the Honors program if you do not otherwise qualify for Honors, but nevertheless this requires the Senior Thesis application form. 

Full details and forms for both programs are available here:

Senior Thesis and Honors information from Bulletin

Senior Thesis Application Form 2013-2014.pdf

Honors Program Application Form 2013-14.pdf

The Senior Thesis Application form is due Friday, November 15.  No Senior Thesis applications can be approved after this date, so if you have not already started the proposal, discussion, and signature process, please do so now!  (Note that the Honors form is only due at the end of year but is included above for your planning). 

Some highlights from the form rules include a written proposal which will be reviewed by the faculty application committee, signatures from your Thesis advisor and 2nd reader (both of whom must certify your proposal, must attend the oral Thesis defense, and commit to reading the Thesis), rules on content and reader selection, and Physics 205 research unit requirements.

Senior Thesis application approvals will be sent out after Thanksgiving.  Senior Thesis presentations will take place in May 2014 and the final written thesis is due at noon on May 23, 2014. 

Thank you,