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Feb 15 2019 | Posted In: Announcements
The Physics Department is excited to announce that the 2019 Robert Hofstadter Memorial lecture will be given by Xiaowei Zhuang, the David B. Arnold Professor of Science, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and Professor of Physics at Harvard University, and an Investigator at the Howard...
Feb 2 2019 | Posted In: Announcements, Awards, Faculty
Lenny Susskind delivered the 2018 Oskar Klein Memorial Lecture and was the recipient of the Oskar Klein Medal, sponsored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (through its Nobel Committee) and Stockholm University.   His subject was "The Quantum Origins of Gravity.”  
Jan 15 2019 | American Astronomical Society (AAS) | Posted In: Announcements, Awards, Faculty, In the News
Philip H. Scherrer (Stanford University) is receiving the SPD George Ellery Hale Prize, for outstanding contributions to the field of solar astronomy, for his pioneering work in helioseismology and space weather, his development of innovative instrumentation to study magnetic fields and flows on...
Dec 7 2018 | Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, In the News