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Machine Shop

Machine Shop

3/15/2021 UPDATE

The machine shop is open for business. For now there are still no walk-ins until the University goes to the appropriate stage. The Student Shop is open for a limited number of users. To make arrangements for usage of the student shop equipment send an email to mehmet.solyali [at]

 Please read the Student Shop SOP before making an appointment.

The Physics Machine Shop provides many services for all departments on campus, including:

Work Request Types

  • Estimate First (Estimate Requested):  Prompts the machine shop to provide the originator with a cost estimate of the requested work order before the job is approved.
  • Approve Estimate (Financial Approval Requested): Prompts the machine shop to provide the financial approver with a cost estimate of the requested work order before the job is approved.
  • Approve Request (Work Requested with no Estimate): Prompts the financial approver to approve without an estimate so that the machine shop can begin the work.

When submitting a work request, a drawing must be attached. Model files and pictures may also be included (optional).

Please allow a 30% variance for all estimates. We will contact you should complications arise that cause the estimate to go above this variance.

Work Request Form

The shop also maintains and supervises the Physics Student Shop, which is equipped with one 2-axis CNC mill, four manual mills and four manual lathes, drill presses, sheet metal shear, bender, roller, and numerous punches. Anyone wishing to use the student shop needs to complete a shop course (offered annually for 6 weeks starting in early April).

Student Shop Usage Form

Student Shop SOP 3/21

Mehmet Solyali

Machine Shop People

Matt Chuck

Rates as of Sept. 1, 2019:

  • Machine Shop: $110.00 per hour

  • Student Shop: $21.00 per hour

  • Shop Certification Course: $500.00 per student

Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday,    7:45am - 3:45pm

Location: 001 Varian Physics Building

For further information on the shop and the services we provide, please contact the Leader, Mehmet Solyali (mehmet.solyali [at], 650-723-2679