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Ph.D. Candidate: William DeRocco


Research Advisor: Peter Graham


Date: Friday, March 26th, 2021

Time: 10 AM Pacific


Zoom Link:

Zoom Password: Email for password


Title: Novel Astrophysical Signatures of Beyond the Standard Model Physics




The Standard Model is a triumph of modern physics. However, it is not complete. The existence of dark matter and dark energy, neutrino masses, and matter-antimatter asymmetry all require new physics to be explained; theoretical considerations such as the hierarchy and strong CP problems hint at new physics as well. These observations have led to a vast, decades-long hunt for physics beyond the Standard Model. In this talk, I will describe how astrophysical systems can serve as unique laboratories to aid in this hunt. I will cover a variety of results from my graduate career with a focus on three in particular: a supernova cooling constraint on the axion-muon coupling, the production of a new population of hot dark matter by supernovae, and the observational signatures of axion decay in the Solar basin. Through these specific examples, I will demonstrate that astrophysics is a critical tool for uncovering what lies beyond the Standard Model.



March 26, 2021 - 10:00am