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APS Bridge Program and National Mentoring Community Conference

The APS Bridge Program and National Mentoring Community are efforts by APS to increase the number of physics degrees earned by students from underrepresented racial or ethnic minority groups. This conference will focus on strengthening mentoring relationships, building firm foundations for successful Bridge student experiences, and providing learning and networking opportunities on other topics related to diversity in physics graduate and undergraduate education.

All APS Bridge/NMC Conference participants are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct for APS Meetings.

Travel and lodging support will be available for students and certain other attendees.

Sessions & Workshops

  • Getting Students Excited About Research
  • Helping Mentees Develop Time Management Skills
  • Preparing For Careers In Industry And In The Public Sector
  • Preparing Yourself For Careers In Academia And Applying To Graduate School
  • Building Departmental Connections With National Labs
  • Why Do Students Leave STEM?
  • Effecting Institutional Change
  • Building Trust In Mentor/Mentee Relationships
  • Prioritizing And Developing Good Mental Health And Self Care
  • Strategies For Dealing With Imposter Syndrome And Stereotype Threat
  • Holistic Admissions: Lessons Learned From IGEN/Bridge
  • Culturally Sensitive Mentoring
  • Bridge Best Practices: Mentoring For Retention
  • Sensitive Mentoring Conversations

Conference Schedule


November 16, 2018 (All day) to November 18, 2018 (All day)
Google HQ and Stanford University, California

Conference attendees must register online by October 31.

Registration Fees & Information

Event Sponsor: 
American Physical Society