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2014 Info Session: Stanford Physics/Applied Physics/SLAC Summer Research Program and research opportunities outside Stanford

  Dear current and prospective Physics and Engineering Physics majors: If you are interested in participating in research this summer, at Stanford or elsewhere, now is the time to start working on your applications. Many summer research programs and internships have application deadlines in January and February. The deadline for applications to the Stanford Physics / Applied Physics / SLAC Summer Research Program will be in March. Summer research programs typically provide a stipend of $5000 or more for a ten-week program if room/board are not covered by the program, and less if housing is provided.  We will hold an information session on Friday, January 24, at noon on both  the 2014 Stanford Physics / Applied Physics / SLAC Summer Research Program and research opportunities outside Stanford. Lunch will be served. Look for an email from Elva Carbajal in mid-January with the meeting location and a request for an rsvp.  For an extensive list of summer research opportunities outside Stanford, in the areas of physics, astrophysics, space sciences, plasma physics and fusion, medical physics, nanotechnology and much, much more, see opportunities can take you to the campuses of other research universities in the US, to national laboratories, to observatories, to CERN, Italy or Puerto Rico, ...  Many of the applications for programs outside Stanford require letters of recommendation; these should be requested from letter writers at least three weeks in advance of the deadline.  For more details on the Stanford Physics/Applied Physics/SLAC Summer Research Program, check out last year's summer research web page to get a general impression of the program: see the FAQ page linked near the top left, under "APPLY".  See this page for a link to a list of some of the faculty who had research opportunities for undergraduates last summer: all faculty who mentored Physics or Eng Physics majors last summer are listed in the table. The table will be updated for 2014 before the information session on January 24. Enjoy the last couple of days of your winter break! We look forward to seeing you back at Stanford next week. Pat Burchat, Advisor for Physics and Engineering PhysicsRick Pam, Academic Director, Summer Research Program
January 24, 2014 - 12:00pm
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