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Winter 2015/2016, Committee: R. Blandford (Chair), T. Heinz, L. Hollberg, K. Irwin

01/12/16Ralf Wessel      Washington University

Student host:  Nora Brackbill

"Cortical Vision from Emergent Global Dynamics"
01/19/16Leonardo SenatoreStanford UniversityRoger Blandford"Effective Field Theory in Cosmology"
01/26/16Tyce DeYoungMichigan State Univ.Roger Blandford

"Observations of Cosmic Neutrinos with IceCube"

02/02/16Yi CuiStanford UniversityRoger Blandford"Batteries:  Now and Future"
02/09/16Eric CornellUniv. of ColoradoLeo Hollberg

"Can We Find 10 TeV Particles Using Sub Millihertz Spectroscopy?  Looking for the Electron's Electric Dipole Moment in Trapped Molecular Ions"


Rana Adhikari

(intro by Kip Thorne)

CaltechRoger Blandford

"On the Measurement of Gravitational Waves from the Merger of two Black Holes"

02/23/16Hanoch GutfreundHebrew Univ. of JerusalemWilliam Little“The Genesis of General Relativity and its Formative Years”
03/01/16Konrad LehnertUniv. of ColoradoKent Irwin"Electromechanics:  A New Quantum Technology"
03/08/16Alex VilenkinTufts UniversityVahe Petrosian"Black Holes from Cosmic Inflation"


Autumn 2015/2016, Committee: A, Linde (Chair), S. Chu, P. Hayden, M. Schnitzer,  L. Senatore

09/29/15SU Phys. Chair Peter Michelson and AP Chair Hideo MabuchiStanford University                                                                          N/A                              "State of the Departments"                                 
10/06/15Uros SeljakUC BerkeleyLeonardo Senatore"The Large Scale Structure of the Universe"
10/13/15Mark van RaamsdonkUniv. of British ColumbiaPatrick Hayden"Gravity and Entanglement"
10/20/15Shuji NakamuraUniv. of Calif. at Santa BarbaraJames Harris"History and Development of Blue InGaN LEDs and Laser Diodes"
10/27/15Jennifer DionneMat. Sci. & Engr. Dept., Stanford UniversityPatrick Hayden

"Inside Out: Visualizing Phase Transformations and Light-matter Interactions with Nanometer-scale Resolution"

11/03/15Leonard SusskindStanford UniversityAndrei Linde"Entanglement and Complexity: Gravity and Quantum Mechanics"
11/10/15Yifang WangInstitute of High Energy Physics, ChinaAndrei Linde

"Neutrino Oscillations: Past, Present and Future"

11/17/15Zvi BernUCLARenata Kallosh"A Curious Story of Quantum Gravity in the Ultraviolet".
12/01/15Rebecca FlintIowa State UniversityStudent host:  Christopher Watson"Novel Kondo Physics in Non-Kramers Doublets"


Spring 2014/15, Committee: G. Gratta (Chair), R. Blandford, L. Senatore, + P. Bucksbaum

03/31/15Guifre VidalPerimeter InstituteXiailiang Qi"Tensor Network Renormalization"
04/07/15Leslie RosenbergUniv. of WashingtonGiorgio Gratta"Searching for Dark-Matter Axions"
04/14/15Tony RemijanUniversity of VirginiaRoger Blandford"The Atacam Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) - Revealing New Chemical and Physical Views of the Cosmos"
04/21/15Anton Zeilinger - 2015 Robert Hofstadter Memorial LecturerUniversity of Vienna, Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum InformationLeonard Susskind"Quantum Entanglement in Higher Dimensions"
04/28/15W. E. (William E.) MoernerStanford University (Chemistry Dept.)Giorgio Gratta"The Story of Single Molecules, from Early Spectroscopy in Solids to Super-Resolution Nanoscopy in Cells and Beyond"
05/05/15Jeff KimbleCaltechBenjamin Lev"Strong Atom-Light Interactions in Photonic Crystals"
05/12/15Harvey MoseleyNASAKent Irwin"Searching for the First Stars"
05/19/15Senthil TodadriMITStudent hosted colloq."Topological Insulators beyond Band Theory"
05/26/15David ReitzeCaltechGiorgio Gratta"Advanced LIGO: The Coming Dawn of Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy"

Winter Quarter 2014/15; Committee: S.C. Zhang (Chair), P. Hayden, K. Irwin & S. Block PLEASE NOTE:  Wtr. Qtr. colloquia will be held in Hewlett Room 200!

01/13/15John MartinisGoogle/UC Santa BarbaraKent Irwin"State Preservation by Repetitive Error Detection in Superconducting Qubits"
01/20/15Heather KnutsonCaltechBruce Macintosh"Atmospheres of Extrasolar Planets in the Super-Earth Era"
01/27/15Scott AaronsonMITNathaniel Thomas (student host)"When Exactly Do Quantum Computers Provide a Speedup?"
02/03/15 Joseph CurtinJoseph Curtin Studios, Ann Arbor, MISteve Block"Can Stradivari’s Sound be Measured?"
02/10/15Alex Wissner-GrossHarvard University Institute for Applied Computational ScienceXiaoliang Qi"Causal Entropic Forces"
02/17/15Vladen VuleticMITLeo Hollberg"Strong PhotonPphoton Interactions"
02/24/15Frederico FiuzaSLACSeb Doniach"Laser-driven Shock Waves:  From Cosmic-ray Physics to Medical Applications"
03/03/15Austin RoordaUniv. of Calif. at BerkeleyBruce Macintosh"From Stimulation to Perception:  Adaptive Optics for Testing Human Vision on a Cellular Scale"
03/10/15François R. BouchetInstitut d'Astrophysique de ParisAndrei Linde"Recent Cosmology Results from the Planck Experiment"

Autumn 2014/15, Committee: A. Linde (Chair), L. Hollberg, B. Macintosh & Young Lee

09/30/14Welcoming Colloq. by Physics & AP Chairs, P. Michelson & H. MabuchiStanford UniversityN/A"State of the Departments"
10/07/14Omar HurricaneLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryGiorgio Gratta"The High-Foot Implosion Campaign & Progress Towards Ignition on the National Ignition Facility"
10/14/14Lyman PagePrinceton UniversityKent Irwin"ACT and the CMB in Polarization"
10/21/14Sean HartnollStanford UniversityTBD"From Black Holes to Badly Behaved Metals"
10/28/14Gergely ZimanyiUC DavisAustin Sendek
(student host)
"Full Spectrum Boost in Nanoparticle Solar Cells"
11/04/14Keivan StassunVanderbilt UniversityPeter Michelson"Advances in Stellar Astrophysics, Solar Physics, and Exoplanet Science with Large Surveys"
11/11/14John PreskillCaltechLenny Susskind"Quantum Computing and the Entanglement Frontier"
11/18/14John DoyleHarvard UniversityLeo Hollberg"Order of Magnitude Smaller Limit on the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron"
11/25/14NO COLLOQ. - Thanksgiving Recess   

Spring 2013/14, Committee: Steve Shenker (Chr.), Steve Kivelson and Bob Byer

4/01/14Peter ArmitageJohns Hopkins UniversitySteve Kivelson"THz Investigations of Exotic Quantum States of Matter”
4/08/14Surya GanguliStanford UniversitySteve Shenker"A Tour Through Neurophysics:  On Singing Birds, Forgetting Synapses, and Turning Heads"
4/15/14Subir SachdevHarvard UniversityStudent hosted colloq."Unveiling the Order of the High Temperature Superconductors"
4/22/14David HusePrinceton UniversitySteve Shenker"Quantum Thermalization and Many-Body Anderson Localization"
4/29/14Aharon KapitulnikStanford UniversitySteve Kivelson"Time Reversal Symmetry Breaking in Unconventional Superconductors"
5/06/14Rob MyersPerimeter InstituteSteve Shenker"New Dialogues:  Entanglement, Holography and Renormalization"
5/13/14Margaret KivelsonUCLASteve Shenker"What Spacecraft Exploration has taught us about Plasmas in the Solar System"
5/20/14Debbie JinJILALeo Hollberg"Ultracold Polar Molecules"
5/27/14Matias Zaldarriaga  Institute for Advanced StudySteve Shenker"The Cosmic Microwave Background after 50 Years"
6/03/14Charles MarcusNiels Bohr InstituteAharon Kapitulnik"Condensed Matter Physics for Quantum Information"

Winter 2013/14, Committee: Mark Kasevich (Chr.), Giorgio Gratta and Shoucheng Zhang

1/14/14Arun MajumdarGoogleSteve Chu"Energy & the Industrial Revolution:  Past, Present & Future"
1/21/14Yoshi YamamotoStanford UniversityMark Kasevich"Coherent Computing by OPO Phase Transition"
1/28/14Peter FierlingerTU MunichGiorgio Gratta"Slow Neutrinos and the Early Universe"
2/04/14Robert L. ByerStanford UniversityGiorgio Gratta"Laser Accelerator on a Chip (>300MeV/m):  A Path to TeV Energy Scale Physics and Table Top Coherent X-ray Sources"
2/11/14Mark NewmanUniversity of MichiganShoucheng Zhang"Epidemics, Influence, and Erdos Numbers: The Physics of Networks"
2/18/14David PritchardMITMark Kasevich"What Should Students Learn, What Do Students Learn, and What Do They Learn It From?"
2/25/14Qi-Kun XueTsinghua University, ChinaShoucheng Zhang"From Quantized Anomalous Hall Effect to Interface Enhanced High Temperature Superconductivity"
3/04/14Sir Michael BerryUniversity of BristolLeonard Susskind"Hamilton's Diabolical Singularity"
3/11/14Chao-Lin KuoStanford UniversityTBD"Inflationary B-modes and BICEP/Keck Experiments"
3/18/14Tali Figueroa-FelicianoMITPatricia Burchat"What's the Matter with the Universe?"

Fall 2013/14, Committee: Andrei Linde (Chr.), Leo Hollberg and Yoshi Yamamoto

10/01/13Physics Chair Peter Michelson & Applied Physics Chair Hideo MabuchiStanford UniversityN/A"State of the Departments"
10/08/13Andrei LindeStanford UniversityN/A"Planck 2013 and Cosmological Attractors"
10/15/13CANCELLED DUE TO GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWNJILA, Univ. of ColoradoLeo Hollberg"Ultracold Polar Molecules"
10/22/13Leonard SusskindStanford UniversityN/A"New Concepts for Old Black Holes"
10/29/13Xiaoliang QiStanford UniversityAndrei Linde"Exact Holographic Mapping and Emergent Space-time Geometry"
11/05/13Richard HennigCornell UniversityStudent hosted colloq. - Helen Craig"Computational Discovery and Design of Materials for Energy Technologies"
11/12/13Matthias TroyerETH, ZurichYoshi Yamamoto"Quantum Annealing and the D-Wave Devices"
11/19/13E. J. ChichilniskyDept. of Neurosurgery and Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory, Stanford UniversityAndrei Linde
"Deciphering a Neural Circuit"
11/26/13Thanksgiving RecessNo Colloq.

Spring 2012/13, Committee: Xiaoliang Qi (Chr.),Stefan Funk, Ian Fisher, ZX Shen & Bob Byer

4/2/13Nicola SpaldinETH ZurichXiaoliang QiCosmic Strings in Multiferroics
4/9/13Fabiola GianottiCERNLeonard SusskindThe Higgs Boson and other Recent Results from ATLAS
4/16/13Turki al SaudVP for Research of KACSTPeter MichelsonLarge Scale Water Desalination by Solar Energy
4/23/13Sigrid CloseStanford UniversityStefan FunkTheory and Experiments of Hypervelocity Impact Plasmas
4/30/13Jan ZaanenLeiden UniversityXiaoliang QiThe string theory – condensed matter flirtation: an eyewitness account
5/7/13Richard ScalettarUniversity of Calif. at DavisStudent Host:  Helen CraigMagnetism and Superconductivity in Inhomogeneous Systems
5/14/13Aephraim SteinbergToronto UniversityXioaliang QiQuantum Measurement in the Real World
5/21/13Steven ChuStanford UniversityVahe PetrosianBiophysics and Bio-medicine in a New Light
5/28/13C. W. Francis EverettStanford UniversityLeoHollbergThe Discovery of Maxwell's Equations


Winter 2012/13, Committee: Steve Shenker (Chr.), David Goldhaber-Gordon, Ian Fisher, ZX Shen and Bob Byer

1/8/13Feng WangUniv. of Calif. at BerkeleyStudent Host:  Helen Craig
Tunable Optical Properties of Graphene
1/15/13Yuki SatoRowland Inst., Harvard Univ.Hideo MabuchiDevice Engineering with Quantum and/or Artificial Materials
1/22/13Michel DevoretYale UniversityDavid Goldhaber-Gordon
The Road to the Poles: Quantum Measurements that Steer rather than Collapse
1/29/13Beate HeinemannUniv. of California at BerkeleySteve ShenkerThe First Three Years at the LHC
2/5/13Kent IrwinNISTPeter MichelsonSuperconducting Sensors:  Probing Cosmology and the Properties of Neutrinos
Yi-Fang Wang
IHEP BeijingGiorgio Gratta
A New Type of Neutrino Oscillation Observed at Daya Bay
2/19/13Surya GanguliStanford UniversitySteve ShenkerCancelled due to illness
2/26/13Joe PolchinskiKavli Institute for Theoretical PhysicsSteve Shenker
The Black Hole Information Paradox -- Alive and Kicking
3/5/13Stefan WesterhoffUniversity of WisconsinStudent Host:  Helen Craig
The Search for the Origin of Cosmic Rays
3/12/13Zohar KomargodskiWeizmann Institute and IASSteve ShenkerNew Observations about Quantum Field Theory


Fall 2012/13, Committee: Andrei Linde (Chr.), Risa Wechsler, Ian Fisher, Z.X. Shen & Bob Byer

10/02/12Steve Kahn and Hideo MabuchiStanford Physics and Applied Physics Depts.N/AState of the Departments
10/09/12Savas DimopoulosStanford Physics Dept.A. Linde"What has the LHC done to theory?"
10/16/12Teun KlapwijkDelft University of TechnologyZ-X ShenSuperconductivity and THz photons
10/23/12Philip KimColumbia Univ.Harold HwangToward Quantum Electronics based on 2-Dimensional Materials and Beyond
10/30/12Daniel PalankerDept. of Ophthalmology and Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory, Stanford UniversityDavid Goldhaber-GordonPhotovoltaic Retinal Prosthesis for Restoring Sight to the Blind
11/06/12Risa WechslerStanford UniversitySteve Kahn
Probing the Physics of the Dark Universe with Galaxies
11/13/12Shoucheng ZhangStanford UniversityA. Linde
Topological Insulators and Topological Superconductors
11/20/12Thanksgiving RecessNo Colloq.  
11/27/12Chandra VarmaUniv. of Calif, RiversideSteve Kivelson
Higgs Bosons in Superconductors

Spring Quarter 2011/12  Committee:  Peter Michelson (Chr.), David Goldhaber-Gordon, Steve Block

4/3/2012Jungsang Kim                Duke University                           Host:    Benjamin LevModular Universal Scalable Ion-trap Quantum Computer (MUSICQC): 
Engineering a Practical Quantum Computer
4/10/2012Shanti DeemyadUniv. of Utah, College of ScienceHost:  Shibing WangNon-Trivial Physics of Simple Elements at High Densities:  En-Route to Metallic Hydrogen and Insulating Lithium
4/17/2012Geoffrey West - 2012 Robert Hofstadter Memorial LecturerSanta Fe InstituteHost:  Leonard SusskindUniversal Scaling Laws from Cells to Cities; A Physicist's Search for Quantitative, Unified Theories of Biological and Social Structure and Dynamics
4/24/2012Giorgio GrattaStanford UniversityHost:  Peter MichelsonNeutrinos from Hell: The Dawn of Neutrino Geophysics
5/01/2012Andreas HeinrichIBM AlmadenHost:  David Goldhaber-GordonThe Quantum and Classical Properties of Spins on Surfaces
5/08/2012Lorraine SadlerSandia LabsHost:  Erzsi SzilagyiElectro-optic detection of ionizing radiation
5/15/2012Pablo Jarillo-Herrero MITHost:  David Goldhaber-Gordon2D or not 2D, Quantum Transport and Optoelectronics in Novel Low-Dimensional Materials
5/22/2012Christopher FuchsPerimeter InstituteHost:  Hideo MabuchiQuantum Theory from Quantum Information?  (What would Feynman say?)
5/29/2012Walter GekelmanUCLAHost:  Tom AbelMagnetic Field Line Reconnection of Flux Ropes
6/05/2012FINALS WEEKNo Colloq. Scheduled  


Winter Quarter 2011/12  Committee:  Tom Abel (Chr.), Savas Dimopoulos, Daniel Fisher

1/10/2012Stanley WojcickiStanford University               Host:  Savas Dimopoulos   Measuring Neutrino Velocity: Current Status and Future Prospects  
1/17/2012Seth ShostakSETI InstituteStudent Host:  Nicole AckermanNew Approaches in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
1/24/2012Erez Lieberman-Aiden Havard Society of Fellows, Visiting Faculty at GoogleHost:  David Goldhaber-Gordon
Zooming out: Global structure in the Historical Record and the Human Genome
1/31/2012Bruce MacintoshLawrence Livermore National LabsHost:  Tom AbelImaging Extrasolar Planets
2/07/2012Ignacio CiracMax Planck Institute, Garching, GermanyHost:  Savas DimopoulosDissipation:  A New Tool in Quantum Information Science
2/14/2012Markus GreinerHarvard UniversityHost:  Mark Kasevich
Synthetic Quantum Matter under the Microscope
2/21/2012Wojciech ZurekLANLHost:  Savas DimopoulosQuantum Theory of the Classical
2/28/2012Scott RansomNatl. Radio Astronomy ObservatoryHost:  Tom AbelBasic (but cool!) Physics with Millisecond Pulsars
3/06/2012NO COLLOQ. (cancelled)   
3/13/2012FINALS WEEK - No Colloq. Scheduled   


Fall Quarter 2011/12  Committee:  Phil Bucksbaum (Chr.), Steve Shenker & Bob Byer

9/27/2011Steve Kahn, SU Physics Chair and Hideo Mabuchi, AP ChairStanford University        Host:  Phil Bucksbaum"State of the Departments - Physics & Applied Physics"     
10/04/2011Giorgio GrattaStanford UniversityHost:  Stephen Shenker"Majorana Fermions and Neutrino Masses"
10/11/2011Siegfried GlenzerLawrence Livermore Natl. LabHost:  Phil Bucksbaum"Mega-joule Experiments on the National Ignition Facility - On the road to produce a microscopic star in the Laboratory"
10/18/2011Mark SchnitzerStanford UniversityHost:  Stephen Shenker"Of Mice, Men and Microscopes:  Watching Brain Dynamics at the Cellular Scale in Behaving Subjects"
10/25/2011Andrea Cavalleri CFEL, Hamburg, GermanyHost:  Phil Bucksbaum"Controlling Quantum Condensed Matter with Light"
11/01/2011Hidenori TakagiUniv. of Tokyo, JapanHost:  Harold Hwang"Emergent Phases of Correlated Electrons in Transition Metal Oxides"
11/08/2011Margaret MurnaneUniv. of Colorado at BoulderHost:  Phil Bucksbaum"Science on the Timescale of the Electron:  Coherent keV X-rays from Tabletop Lasers
and Applications in Nanoscience"
11/15/2011Yong-Baek Kim  University of TorontoHost:  Steve Shenker
"Topological Phases in Correlated Materials"
11/22/2011THANKSGIVING RECESS- No Colloquium Scheduled   
11/29/2011Mara PrentissHarvard UniversityStudent Host:  Limor SpectorNew Insights into Homology Recognition and Strand Exchange with Implications for Artificial Self-Assembly and Protein Folding
12/06/2011FINALS WEEK - No colloquium!   

Spring 2010/2011 -- Committee:  Yoshi Yamamoto (Chair.; AP), Doug Osheroff, Roger Blandford

03/29/2011Yosi AvronTechnion, IsraelHost:  Shoucheng ZhangBaron von Munchhausen and the Cat
04/05/2011Hofstadter lecture by David MerminCornell Univ.Host: Lenny SusskindWhat has Quantum Mechanics to do with Factoring?
04/12/2011Joel FajansUC BerkeleyHost: Doug OsheroffHow to Create and Trap Anti-Hydrogen
04/19/2011Ned WrightUCLAHost:  Roger BlandfordExploring the Universe with WISE
04/26/2011Bob SchoenleinLBLHost: Student host Erzsi SzilagyiUltrafast Science and the Next Generation X-Ray Laser Array at the Berkeley Lab
05/03/2011David WinelandNISTHost:  Yoshi YamamotoTrapped-ion Quantum Information Experiments at NIST
05/10/2011Philip W. PhillipsUniv.of IllinoisStudent Host: Aaron StreetsMottness and Holography: Strange Metal from UV-IR Mixing
Rob Schoelkopf  - CANCELLED                       
Yale                                                    Host:  Yoshi YamamotoEntanglement and Quantum Algorithms with Superconducting Circuits -CANCELLED
05/24/2011Alex SzalayJohns Hopkins UniversityHost:  Roger Blandford
Extreme Data Intensive Computing in Astrophysics
05/31/2011Wilson Ho                              UC Irvine                               Host:  Doug Osheroff                                    Visualization of Quantum Mechanics                                                           

Winter 2010/2011 -- Committee:  Seb Doniach (Chair), Leonardo Senatore, Harold Hwang (AP)

01/04/2011Andrew MacKenzieUniv. of St. AndrewsHost:  Harold HwangComplex Oxides:  A New Playground for Physics and Technology
01/11/2011Eric AdelbergerUniv. of WashingtonHost:  Mark KasevichA Low-Energy Frontier of Particle Physics
01/18/2011Assa AuerbachTechnion, IsraelHost: Seb Doniach
Elementary Particles of Superconductivity
01/25/2011Anthony LeonardoJanelia Farm Research CampusHost: Hideo Mabuchi
Guidance Laws Underlying Prey Capture in the Salamander and Dragonfly
02/01/2011Nima Arkani-HamedInstitute for Advanced StudyHost:  Leonardo SenatoreSpace-Time, Quantum Mechanics and Scattering Amplitudes
02/08/2011Gerard WongUCLAHost:  Seb DoniachCondensed Matter Physics and Bacteria
02/15/2011Jelena VuckovicStanford UniversityHost: Ian Fisher?Quantum Dots in Optical Nanocavities:  From Cavity QED to Device Applications
02/22/2011Chao-Lin KuoStanford UniversityHost: Steve KahnScience with Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization
03/01/2011James RosenzweigUCLAStudent Host:  Limor SpectorPlasma Acceleration:  High Energy Physics Meets High Energy Density Physics
03/08/2011Louis TailleferCanadian Institute for           Advanced ResearchHost:   Harold Hwang                       The Two Mysteries of Superconductivity                                              
03/15/2011FINALS WEEKNO COLLOQ.!!!  

Fall 2010/2011-- Committee:  Eva Silverstein (Chair), Z.X. Shen and Mark Schnitzer (AP)

9/28/2010Tony TysonUC DavisHost:  Nicholas Breznay
Mining the Sky for Dark Energy
10/05/2010Kerry VahalaCaltechHost:  Mark SchnitzerCavity Optomechanics
10/12/2010Kent IrwinNISTHost:  Kam MolerThe Physics of Superconducting Calorimeters:  Applications in Nuclear Security
10/19/2010Bert HalperinHarvard UniversityHost:  S. ZhangInterferometery in a Quantized Hall State
10/26/2010Phil BucksbaumStanford & SLACHost:  Z-X ShenAMO Physics with Ultrafast Short Wavelength Coherent Radiation
11/02/2010Sung-Sik LeeMcMaster UniversityHost:  Eva SilversteinEmergent Supersymmetry and String in Condensed Matter Systems
11/09/2010Boris ShraimanKITP/UCSBHost:  Eva SilversteinUnexpected Physics in Biology
11/16/2010Jeffrey RichmanUCSBHost:  Eva Silverstein
Exploring the TeV Energy Scale at the Large Hadron Collider
11/30/2010Stefan FunkStanford UniversityHost:  Steve Kahn
The Extreme Universe Observed in Gamma-rays

Spring 2009/1010

03/30/2010Dan GreenFermilabHost:  Stan WojcickiThe Status of the CERN Large Hadron Collider
04/06/2010K. C. ColeUSC, School of JournalismHost:  Stan WojcickiThe Uncle of the Atom Bomb:  Frank Oppenheimer and the World He Made Up
04/13/2010Hofstadter Colloq. - Joachim StohrDirector Linac Coherent Light Source, SLACHost:  Doug OsheroffBirth of the X-Ray Laser:  Movies of the Dynamic Worlds of Atoms and Electrons
04/20/2010Marin SoljacicMITStudent Host:  Nicole Ackerman WiTricity -- Non-Radiative Wireless Power Transfer
04/27/2010William BoruckiNASAHost:  Tom AbelStatus of the Kepler Mission and Early Discoveries
05/04/2010David J. PineNew York UniversityHost:  Daniel FisherColloidal Self-Assembly and Replication
05/11/2010JB StraubelCTO, Tesla MotorsHost:  Patricia BurchatEnergy Storage for Electric Vehicles
Michael Turner 
Univ. ChicagoHost:  Roger BlandfordInflation:  Time for a Change?
05/25/2010Claire GmachlPrinceton UniversityStudent Host:  Nicholas BreznayMid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers
06/01/2010Mark BowickSyracuse UniversityHost:  A. KapitulnikTwo-Dimensional Matter:  Order, Curvature and Defects

Winter 2009/2010

01/05/2010Bob LaughlinStanford Univ.HOST:   Shoucheng ZhangHere Comes the Sun
01/12/2010John March-RussellOxford Univ.HOST:  Savas DimopoulosExploring String Axions and Photini with Astrophysics, Cosmology, and the LHC
01/19/2010Victor YakovenkoUniv. of MarylandHOST:  Shoucheng ZhangStatistical Mechanics of Money, Income, and Wealth
01/26/2010Nemanja KaloperUC DavisHOST:  Savas DimopoulosOut of Darkness:  The Quest for Lambda
02/02/2010Eliot QuataertUniv. of Calif., BerkeleyHOST:  Tom AbelThe Transient Revolution in Astrophysics
02/09/2010Philippe BouyerPolytechnique in FranceHOST:  Geert Vrijsen (Student Host)Simulating Quantum Transport in Atoms and Light
02/16/2010Jan LiphardtUC BerkeleyHOST:  Steve QuakeThe Evolving Intersection of Physics and Biology
02/23/2010Thomas GregorPrinceton Univ.HOST:  Mike MinarThe Onset of Collective Behavior in Cell Populations of the Social Amoebae
03/02/2010Patrick LeeMITHOST:  Shoucheng ZhangAn End to the Drought of Quantum Spin Liquid
03/09/2010Albert FertOrsayHOST:  Shoucheng ZhangSpintronics:  Recent Developments and Perspective
03/16/2010FINALS WEEKNO COLLOQ.!!!  

Fall 2009/2010

9/29/2009Tom AbelStanford Univ.Host:  Seb Doniach
Star Formations Then and Now
10/06/2009Hideo MabuchiStanford Univ.Host:  Seb DoniachFrom Jaynes-Cummings to Rouse-Zimm:  Interdisciplinary Quantum Optics
10/13/2009Irfan SiddiqiUC BerkeleyHost:  Julie Bert (student host)Quantum Noise in Josephson's "Frictionless" Pendulum
10/20/2009Harold HwangUniv. of TokyoHost:  Z.-X. ShenAtomic Engineering Oxide Heterointerfaces
10/27/2009Taekjip HaUniv of IllinoisHost: Steve BlockRevisiting the Double Helix
11/03/2009Joseph FormaggioMITHost:  Giorgio GrattaWeighing Neutrinos
11/10/2009Eric J. HellerHarvard Univ.Host:  Hari ManoharanStalking the Two-Dimensional Electron
11/17/2009David AwschalomUCSBHost:  Shoucheng ZhangEngineering Semiconductors and Engaging Diamonds for Spintronics
12/01/2009Risa WechslerStanford Univ.Host:  Pat BurchatGalaxy Formation Insights from the Evolution of Structure
12/08/2009Siegfried S HeckerStanford Univ.Host:  Seb DoniachPlutonium Metallurgy:  From 5f Electrons to Bombs

Spring 2008/2009

4/7/2009Alex VilenkinTufts UniversityHost: Lenny SusskindMeasures of the Multiverse
4/14/2009Moti SegevTechnion, IsraelHost: Steve HarrisAnderson Localization of Light
4/21/2009Ron RuthSLACHost: Pat BurchatA Miniature Synchrotron using Inverse Compton Scattering: Basic Principles and Initial Experiments
4/28/2009Julie TheriotStanford - Biochem. Dept.Host: Daniel FisherMechanics and Dynamics of Cell Movement
5/5/2009Adam BurrowsPrinceton UniversityHost: Tom AbelHow do Stars Explode? Mechanisms of Core-Collapse Supernovae
5/12/2009Hari ManoharanStanford UniversityHost: Pat BurchatPeeking at the Berry Phase in Dirac Materials
5/19/2009 Leonardo SenatoreInstitute for Advanced Study,
Joint Colloquium
Non-Gaussianities: Probing High Energy Physics with Cosmological Observations
Time: 4:15 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.  (Refreshments: 4:00pm)
Location: Panofsky Auditorium, SLAC
5/26/2009Sidney NagelUniv. of ChicagoHost: Daniel FisherThe Life and Death of a Drop:  Topological Transitions and Singularities in Fluids
6/02/2009Arthur RamirezUniv. of CA, Santa CruzHost:  Doug OsheroffHow Do Organic Semiconductors Work?

Winter 2008/2009

1/6/2009NO COLLOQUIUM   
1/13/2009Janet ConradMITHost: Nicole AckermanNu Directions in the Search for New Physics
1/20/2009Rashid SunyaevMax Planck Institute, GermanyHost: Tom AbelThe Physics of Cosmological Recombination
1/27/2009Peter GrahamStanford UniversityHost: Savas DimopoulosAstrophysical Probes of Unification
2/3/2009Nader EnghetaPenn. StateHost: Jon SchullerCircuits with Light at the Nanoscale
2/10/2009Laura GreeneUniv. of IllinoisHost: Julie BertAndreev Reflection in Heavy Fermion Superconductors: Focus on CeCoIn5
2/17/2009Seth PuttermanUCLAHost: Giorgio GrattaTowards XRay and Fusion Mems
2/24/2009Mark KasevichStanford UniversityHost: Eva SilversteinAtom Interferometry
3/3/2009Stuart RabyOhio StateHost: Savas DimopoulosThe Puzzle of Charge and Mass
3/10/2009Sandra FaberUCSChost: Tom AbelGalaxy Evolution Over the Last Two-Thirds of Cosmic Time
3/17/2009Paul KushnerUniv. of Torontohost: Eva SilversteinClimate Sensitivity and Climate Models

Fall 2008

9/23/2008Alexei KitaevCaltechhost: Shoucheng ZhangTopological Quantum Computation
9/30/2008Jun YeJILA, NIST, Univ. of Coloradohost: Bob ByerPrecision Quantum Metrology
10/7/2008David Goldhaber-GordonStanford Universityhost: Shoucheng ZhangTransport in Graphene: Analogies between Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Electrons in a Single Layer of Carbon Atoms?
10/14/2008Chetan NayakUCSBhost: Eva SilversteinTopological Quantum Computation
10/21/2008Bill HalperinNorthwestern Universityhost: Aharon KapitulnikUnconventional Pairing and Impurities in Superfluid 3He
10/28/2008Peter MichelsonStanford Universityhost: Chao-Lin KuoFermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope: First Light
11/04/2008Uros SeljakUC Berkeleyhost: Eva SilversteinProbing Fundamental Physics with Cosmological Observations
11/11/2008Ronald WalsworthHarvard Universityhost: Michael MinarFrom Astrophysics to Bioimaging: New Applications of Physics Tools
11/18/2008Nergis MavalvalaMIThost: Giorgio GrattaQuantum Mechanics on Giant Scales
11/25/2008NO COLLOQUIUM-Thanksgiving Recess   
12/02/2008Wayne HuUniv. of Chicagohost: Chao-Lin Kuo 
12/09/2008No colloq.   

Spring 2008

4/1/2008Yi CuiStanford Universityhost: P. MichelsonNanowire Materials for Energy and Nanoelectronics
4/8/2008Larry AbbottColumbia Universityhost: L. SusskindHofstadter Lecture: "Who's Afraid of Chaotic Networks? Models of Sensory and Motor Processing in the Face of Spontaneous Neuronal Activity"
4/15/2008Alan WatsonUniv. of Leeds, U.K.host: P. MichelsonIs the Search for the Origin of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays Over?
4/22/2008Gary Sanders and Brent EllerbroekCaltechhost: R. Byer"The Thirty Meter Telescope Project: Opening the Next Generation of Giant Telescopes" by Gary Sanders (30 mins.) and "Adaptive Optics for the Thirty Meter Telescope" by Brent Ellerbroek (30 mins.)
4/29/2008Lenny SusskindStanford Universityhost: Eva SilversteinNegative Curvature
5/6/2008Anthony MezzacappaOak Ridge Natl. Labhost: G. GrattaAscertaining the Core Collapse Supernova Explosion Mechanism through High-Performance Computing
5/13/2008Rick GaitskellBrown Universityhost: B. CabreraA Noble Endeavor - Looking for Dark Matter
5/27/2008Matias ZaldarriagaHarvard Universityhost: E. SilversteinCosmology: Present Status and Future Prospects
6/3/2008Scott HubbardStanford Universityhost: P. MichelsonExamining the Vision for Space Exploration: Workshop Findings

Winter 2008

1/15/2008Steve AllenStanford Univ. & SLAChost: E. SilversteinNew Cosmological Constraints from X-ray Studies of Galaxy Clusters
1/29/2008Ned WingreenPrinceton Univ.host: R. LaughlinModeling the Chemosensing System of E. coli
2/5/2008Lars BildstenUCSBhost: R. BlandfordExplosions in Accreting White Dwarfs: From Novae to Supernovae
2/12/2008Juan CollarUniv. of Chicagohost: G. GrattaSomething Old, Something New
2/19/2008Mike DeweeseUniv. of CA at Berkeleyhost: E. SilversteinOne Physicist's View of the Cortex
2/26/2008Arthur BienenstockStanford Univ.host: P. BurchatOther Faces of the American Physical Society
3/4/2008Sam WaldmanCaltechhost: G. GrattaLooking Towards Gravitational Wave Astronomy
3/11/2008Scott TremaineInstitute for Adv. Studyhost: R. BlandfordThe Long-Term Evolution of Planetary Orbits

Fall 2007

9/25/2007Wendy FreedmanCarnegie Observatorieshost: R. BlandfordMeasuring Cosmological Parameters
10/2/2007Misha LukinHarvardhost: M. KasevichControlling Single Nuclei and Lighting Nanowires: New Frontiers of Quantum Optical Science
10/9/2007Shoucheng ZhangStanford Univ.host: Seb DoniachQuantum Spin Hall Effect
10/16/2007Chuck SteidelCaltechhost: R. BlandfordUnderstanding Galaxy Formation: What are we Missing?
10/23/2007Immanuel BlochJ. Gutenberg-Universitathost: M. KasevichExploring Quantum Matter with Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices
10/30/2007Neal WeinerNew York Universityhost: S. DimopoulosIlluminating Dark Matter
11/6/2007David Goldhaber-GordonStanfordhost: S. KachruDesigner Hamiltonians in the Laboratory: Observation of Many Body Physics in a Semiconductor Nanostructure
11/13/2007Dam Thanh SonUniv. of Washingtonhost: S. KachruViscosity, Black Holes and Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
11/27/2007Peter ZollerUniv. of Innsbrookhost: M. KasevichQuantum Information anf Condensed Matter Physics with Quantum Optical Systems
12/4/2007Nigel GoldenfeldUniv. of Illinoishost: S. DoniachBiocomplexity in Action: Pattern Formation and Microbial Ecology at Yellowstone's Hot Springs
12/11/2007Yuk YungCaltechhost: R. BlandfordEvolution of Planetary Atmospheres

Spring 2007

4/3/2007L. MahadevanHarvard Univ.host: studentsGeometric Mechanics: From the Atomic to the Tectonic
4/10/2007Frans PretoriusPrinceton Univ.host: E. SilversteinSimulations of Black Hole Collisions
4/17/2007Peter GorhamUniv. of Hawaiihost: G. GrattaUltra High Energy Cosmic Ray Neutrinos
4/24/2007Rob PhillipsCaltechhost: S. DoniachThe Physics of How Viruses Make New Viruses
5/1/2007John W. HarrisYale Univ.host: L. SusskindEvidence for a Quark-Gluon Plasma in the Laboratory
5/8/2007John MatherNASAhost: R. BlandfordFrom the Big Bang to the Nobel Prize and Beyond
5/15/2007Nathan SeibergInst. for Advanced Studyhost: E. SilversteinSupersymmetry and its Breaking
5/22/2007Eliot QuataertUC Berkeleyhost: E. SilversteinThe Rise and Fall of Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei
5/29/2007Amnon AharonyBen Gurion University, Israelhost: A. KapitulnikMesoscopic Physics, Quantum Dots and the Aharonov-Bohm Interferometer
6/5/2007Bonnie FlemingYale Universityhost: G. GrattaMiniBooNE Oscillation Results

Winter 2007

1/16/2007Guy DeutcherTel Aviv Universityhost: A. Kapitulnik"What are the High Tc Cuprates Good for?
1/23/2007John ClarkeUC Berkeleyhost: S. Kivelson"Coupled Flux Qubits with Controllable Interaction"
1/30/2007Alan TitleLockheed Martinhosts: P. Burchat & P. Scherrer"Following the Trail of the Magnetic Field from the Solar Interior through the Heliosphere"
2/6/2007Andy MacKenzieSt. Andrewshost: S. Kivelson"Quantum Criticality as a Driver for Discovery"
2/13/2007Ian FisherStanfordhost: Z.-X. Shen"Spin-dimer Compounds - Magnon BEC and the role of Crystal Structure"
2/20/2007Jonathan AronsUC Berkeleyhost: R. Blandford"Cosmic Pevatrons: The Excitation of Pulsar Wind Nebulae"
2/27/2007Greg BoebingerNatl. High Magnetic Field Lab.host: S. Kivelson"Is a Quantum Phase Transition Underlying High-Temperature Superconductivity?"

Autumn 2006

10/3/2006Azadeh TabazadehStanfordhost: V. PetrosianGreenhouse Gas Versus Aerosol Forcing of Climate Change
10/10/2006Mark SchnitzerStanfordhost: A. KapitulnikBiophysical approaches to the study of mammilian brain circuits
10/17/2006Uwe BergmannSLAChost: A. KapitulnikSecrets in the Ancient Goatskin: Archimedes' Writings under X-Ray Vision
10/24/2006Aharon KapitulnikStanford Broken Time Reversal Symmetry States in Novel Superconductors
10/25/2006Michael BrownCaltechhost: V. PetrosianBunyan Lecture: Pluto, Eris, and the Dwarf Planets of the Solar System
10/31/2006Michael CrommieBerkeleyhost: S. KivelsonExploring and Manipulating Fullerenes at the Single Molecule Level
11/7/2006Calvin QuateStanfordhost: R. ByerAnother Era in Imaging -Scanning Probes
11/14/2006Prof. Tony TysonUC Davishost: Peter MichelsonThe New Digital Sky: Probes of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
11/21/2006None  Thanksgiving Recess
11/28/2006Dr. Taekjip HaUniv. of Illinoishost: S. DoniachSingle Molecule Views of Nature's Nano-Machines
12/5/2006Dr. Eugene DemlerHarvard Univ.host: S. KivelsonStrongly Correlated Quantum Systems: From Electronic Materials to Cold Atoms

Spring 2006:

4/3/2006Jim CroninUniv. of Chicagohost: FetterHofstadter public lecture, Monday: "Cosmic Rays: A Fascinating Scientific History"
4/4/2006Hofstadter colloquium: "The Pierre Auger Observatory for Highest Energy Cosmic Rays"
4/10/2006Joel R. Primack; Nancy Ellen AbramsUC Santa Cruz; Attorney/WriterKIPAC & PhysicsSpecial colloquium, Monday, 7:30pm, Hewlett room 200, "The View from the Center of the Universe"
4/11/2006Krishna RajagopalMIThost: Silverstein"The Condensed Matter Astrophysics of QCD"
4/18/2006Hideo MabuchiCaltechhost: Yamamoto"Measurement, Control and Quantum Information"
4/25/2006Shri KulkarniCaltechhost: Silverstein"Cosmic Explosions: Known and Knowable"
5/02/2006Lance DixonSLAChost: Silverstein"Twistor Spinoffs for Collider Physics"
5/09/2006Boris AltshulerColumbiahost: Kapitulnik"Many-Body Localization"
5/16/2006Raphael BoussoUC Berkeleyhost: Silverstein"The Cosmological Constant Problem and the Landscape of String Theory"
5/23/2006Daniel GottesmanPerimeter Institutehost: Silverstein"Private Key and Public Key Quantum Cryptography"
5/30/2006Christopher MonroeUniv. of Michiganhost: Yamamoto"Quantum Networks and Ion Trap Quantum Computers"
6/6/2006Subir SachdevHarvard Univ.host: Silverstein"Detecting Quantum Duality in the Cuprate Superconductors"

Winter 2006:

1/10/2006Daniel FisherHarvard Univhost: Kivelson"Is evolution understood? Quantitative questions from a statistical mechanic"
1/17/2006Edward BaltzKIPAC/SLAChost: Kahn"Solving the Dark Matter Problem"
1/24/2006Rob GoldstonPrinceton Plasma Physics Labhost: Gratta"Advances in Magnetic Fusion Science and the ITER Project"
1/31/2006John TranquadaBrookhavenhost: Kivelson"Seeing Stripes in High Temperature Superconductors"
2/07/2006Tor RaubenheimerSLAChost: Kahn"The International Linear Collider: Accelerator Physics and Design Challenges"
2/14/2006Jeff KimbleCalTechhost: Hui Deng"Quantum Optics with Single Atoms and Photons"
2/21/2006Carol ChristianSpace Telescope Science Inst.host: Kahn"Science, Satellites, and Foreign policy"
2/28/2006Richard PackardUC Berkeleyhost: Kivelson"Superfluid weak links: physics and applications"
3/7/2006Ady SternWeismann Institutehost: Goldhaber-Gordon'Quantum Twists and Slits: Unconventional "anyonic" statistics on the way from Theory-land to Experimental Demonstrations'
3/14/06Miklos GyulassyColumbia Univ.host: Kahn" The Quark Gluon Plasma at RHIC/BNL"

Autumn 2005:

10/4/2005Jun YeJILAhost: Kasevich"Precision measurement meets ultrafast science"
10/11/2005Joachim StöhrSSRL/SLAChost: Doniach"Magnetism and X-Rays: Past, Present and a Vision of the Future"
10/18/2005Leslie Berlin-host: Kasevich"The Man Behind the Microchip: Robert Noyce and the Invention of Silicon Valley"
10/25/2005Robert KirshnerHarvardhost: Blandford"A Blunder Undone: Supernova Cosmology and the Accelerating Universe"
11/1/2005Phuan OngPrincetonhost: Kivelson"Vortices and the loss of phase coherence in the high-temperature superconductors"
11/8/2005Seth PuttermanUCLAhost: Adam Cohen"Energy Concentrating Phenomena: From Sonoluminescence To Crystal Fusion"
11/14/2005David SpergelPrincetonhost: PetrosianBunyan Lecture (Monday) "Taking the Baby Picture of the Universe"
11/15/2005Colloquium (Tuesday) "Cosmology from WMAP and Beyond"
11/22/2005None----Thanksgiving Recess
11/29/2005Robert BirgenauUC Berkeleyhost: Greven"High Temperature Superconductivity and Magnetism: Friends or Foes?"
12/6/2005------End Quarter Period

Spring 2005:

3/29/2005Scott ThomasStanfordLenny SusskindThe Meaning of Naturalness 
4/05/2005Z.X. ShenStanfordDavid Goldhaber-GordonThe Photoelectric Effect Since Einstein 
4/12/2005Steve QuakeStanford Imaging Information in DNA 
4/19/2005C.W. Francis EverittStanfordBlas CabreraThe Gravity Probe B Flight Mission:A Stanford Physics-Engineering Partnership 
4/26/2005Nima Arkani-HamedHarvardSavas DimopoulosNaturalness versus the Landscape, or, Why does the Universe Appear Finely Tuned? 
5/03/2005Sarah ChurchStanfordPat BurchatThe QUaD CMB Polarization Experiment 
5/10/2005Gerald GabrielseHarvardGiorgio GrattaOne-Electron Quantum Cyclotron: First Fully-Quantum Measurement of the Electron Magnetic Moment, and a Greatly Improved Value for the Fine Structure Constant 
5/17/2005Jim EisensteinCaltechDavid Goldhaber-GordonExciton Condensation and the Quantum Hall Effect 
5/24/2005Peter GalisonHarvardSandy FetterThe Assassin of RelativityHofstadter Lecture

Winter 2005

1/4/2005Markus GreinerJILA BoulderMark KasevichFermion Condensates
1/11/2005David AwschalomUCSBDavid Goldhaber-GordonSpintronics: Semiconductors, Molecules and Quantum Information Processing
1/18/2005Tom AbelStanford University & Kavli InstituteDavid Goldhaber-GordonThe First Stars
1/25/2005Dan RugarIBM Almaden Research CenterDavid Goldhaber-GordonSingle Spin Detection by Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
2/1/2005Jacob BekensteinHebrew University of JerusalemBob WagonerGravitation and the bounds on information
2/8/2005Moses ChanPenn State UniversityDoug OsheroffCan a Solid be a Superfluid?
2/15/2005Glenn StarkmanCase Western Reserve UniversitySavas DimopoulosIs the low-l Microwave Background Cosmic?
2/22/2005Maria SpiropuluCERNSavas Dimopoulos**Cancelled** (was: 14 TeV Physics)
3/1/2005Andreas WallraffYale UniversityDavid Goldhaber-GordonQuantum Optics and Quantum Information Processing with Superconducting Circuits

Autumn 2004

9/28/2004Boris KayserFermilabS. WojcickiThe Neutrino World: Present and Future
10/5/2004Burt RichterSLACPeter MichelsonGambling with the Future: Energy, Environment & Economics in the 21st Century
10/12/2004Jason HoOSUShoucheng ZhangThe Exploding Field of Quantum Gases
10/19/2004Wolfgang KetterleMITMark KasevichBose-Einstein Condensation of Atoms, Molecules and Fermion Pairs
10/26/2004Bill AtwoodUC Santa CruzPeter MichelsonPhysics of Violins
11/2/2004Charlie MarcusHarvardDGG and Kam MolerQuantum Circuits
11/9/2004Joe PolchinskiUC Santa BarbaraDavid Goldhaber-GordonCosmic Superstrings
11/16/2004Jim EisensteinCaltechDavid Goldhaber-Gordon**Cancelled** -- Exciton Condensation and the Quantum Hall Effect
Anatoly SpitkovskyKIPAC, Stanford University "The Incredible Double Pulsar -- A Laboratory for General Relativity, Nuclear Physics and Relativistic Plasma Physics"
11/23/2004Marlan ScullyTexas A&M & PrincetonSteve HarrisCoherent Control: From QED to DNA
11/30/2004Ed LuNASAVahe' PetrosianMoving, Manipulating and Mining Astroids

[Archives less reliable before this point -- collected by http://wayback.archive.org/web/20000801000000*/http://www.stanford.edu/dept/physics/events/ap_phys.html]

Winter Quarter 2001/2002

1/15/02Barry BarishCaltechLIGO and the Search for Gravitational Waves
1/22/02Professor Theodor W. HänschMax-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, Garching, and Sektion Physik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, GermanyCounting with the Speed of Light
1/29/02Steve KivelsonUniversity of California, Los AngelesLocally Crystalline Electron Liquids
2/12/02(no colloquium today) Hofstadter Colloquium and Lecture 2/13 and 2/14
2/13/01 - 4:00 pm Hofstadter ColloquiumEric CornellUniversity of ColoradoArtifice and Equilibrium Experiments with Synthetic and Natural Vortices in a Superfluid Gas
2/14/01 - 8:00 pm Hofstadter LectureEric CornellUniversity of ColoradoStone Cold Science Bose-Einstein Condensation and the Weird World of Physics a Millionth of a Degree from Absolute Zero
2/19/02Dr. Arthur WolfeUniversity of California, San DiegoTitle TBA

Autumn Quarter 2001/2002

10/2/01Professor David HertzogUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignTitle: How the Muon's Spin Challenges the Standard ModelThe David Levine and Paul Kirkpatrick Awards will be presented before the lecture.
10/9/01Professor Mike JuraUniversity of California, Los AngelesTitle: Other Solar Systems 
10/16/01Professor Josh KleinUniversity of PennsylvaniaTitle: Unraveling the Solar Neutrino Problem at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory 
10/23/01Professor Walter HarrisonStanford UniversityTitle: How Electronic Structure Got Simple 
10/30/01Professor Art RosenfeldCommissioner, California Energy CommissionTitle: Fixing 2/3 of California's Electricity Problem via Efficiency, Real Time Pricing, and Demand Response 
11/6/01Professor Karl van BibberLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryTitle: A Search for Dark-Matter Axions 
11/13/01Dr. Gabriel AeppliNEC ResearchTitle: "Putting the Quantum Back into Magnetism" 
11/20/01Roger BlandfordCalifornia Institute of Technology"New Horizons in Black Hole Astrophysics" 
11/27/01Professor Steve BlockStanford UniversityLiving Nightmares: Facing the Growing Threat of Biological Weapons 

Spring 2001

4/3/01Professor Clifford JohnsonUniversity of DurhamTitle: Strings and Branes: New Tools for Tough Problems? 
4/10/01Professor Eli YablonovitchUniversity of California, Los AngelesTitle: Electron Spin Resonance Transistors, for Quantum Communication & Computing 
4/17/01Professor Greg LandsbergBrown UniversityTitle: Out-of-this-World Physics: Probing Quantum Gravity in the Lab 
4/24/01Dr. Xiaowei ZhuangStanford UniversityTitle: To Be Announced 
5/1/01To Be Announced   
5/8/01Professor John ClarkeUniversity of California, BerkeleyTitle: To Be Announced 
5/15/01To Be Announced   
5/22/01To Be Announced   
5/29/01Professor Michael Roukesthe California Institute of TechnologyTitle: To Be Announced 

Winter 2001

1/16/01Steve GirvinIndiana UniversityTitle: Physics of "Which layer?" Uncertainty 
1/23/01Andrei LindeStanford University Physics DepartmentTitle: To Be Announced 
1/30/01Marc KastnerMITTitle: The Kondo Effect in a Single-Electron Transistor 
2/6/01Nocholas BigelowUniversity of RochesterTitle: To Be Announced 
2/13/01Nima Arkani-HamedUniversity of California at BerkeleyTitle: To Be Announced 
2/20/01Mr. Tom SiegfriedScience Editor of The Dallas Morning NewsTitle: To Be Announced 
2/27/01Rene OngUniversity of California, Los AngelesTitle: The Violent Universe: Extending the Limits of Particle Physics and Astronomy 
3/6/01Lawrence J. HallUniversity of California at BerkeleyTitle: To Be Announced 
3/12/01 Monday evening
8:00 p.m. Hofstadter Lecture
Isabelle GrenierUniversity of ParisTitle: New Views of a Vibrant Universe 
3/13/01Isabelle Grenier Hofstadter LecturerUniversity of ParisTitle: Unidentified Gamma-ray sources in the Milky Way: A 25 year old mystery solved? 

Autumn 2000

10/3/00Saul PerlmutterSupernova Cosmology Project, Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryTitle: Supernovae, Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Universe - What Next?
10/10/00Francis HalzenUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonTitle: High Energy Neutrino Astronomy: Results from the South Pole
10/17/00Pat BurchatStanford UniversityTitle: To Be Announced
10/24/00Eric AdelbergerUniversity of WashingtonTitle: To Be Announced
10/31/00Henry AbarbanelDepartment of Physics and Marine Physical Laboratory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San DiegoTitle: Small Networks of Biological and Electronic Neurons
11/7/00Joel PrimackUC, Santa CruzTitle: The State of the Universe: Cold Dark Matter and all that
11/14/00Paul McEuenUC, BerkeleyTitle: To Be Announced
11/21/00Roger RomaniStanford UniversityTitle: To Be Announced
11/28/00Peter GalisonHarvardTitle: To Be Announced

Spring 2000

April 4, 2000; 8:00 PMIan R. FisherIowa State Univ., Ames, IASymmetry, energy scales and length scales: ways to look at the physics of new materials
April 11, 2000Charles TownesUC BerkeleyBehavior of Old Stars Observed by Infrared Spatial Interferometry (In conjunction with the Bunyan Lecture the next evening)
Apr. 18, 2000Dr. Raman SundrumStanford University 
Apr. 25, 2000Brian GreeneColumbia University 
May 2, 2000Ed HinesUniversity of Essex 
May 9, 2000Persi DiaconisStatistics and Math Departments, Stanford University