Held Tuesdays at 4:30 pm (Note new time for AY 2015/16), in the William R. Hewlett Teaching Center, room 201 (see map). Refreshments in the lobby of Varian Physics at 4:15 pm.

Autumn 2015/2016, Committee: A, Linde (Chair), S. Chu, P. Hayden, M. Schnitzer,  L. Senatore

09/29/15SU Phys. Chair Peter Michelson and AP Chair Hideo MabuchiStanford University                                                                          N/A                              "State of the Departments"                                 
10/06/15Uros SeljakUC BerkeleyLeonardo Senatore"The Large Scale Structure of the Universe"
10/13/15Mark van RaamsdonkUniv. of British ColumbiaPatrick Hayden"Gravity and Entanglement"
10/20/15Shuji NakamuraUniv. of Calif. at Santa BarbaraJames Harris"History and Development of Blue InGaN LEDs and Laser Diodes"
10/27/15Jennifer DionneMat. Sci. & Engr. Dept., Stanford UniversityPatrick Hayden

"Inside Out: Visualizing Phase Transformations and Light-matter Interactions with Nanometer-scale Resolution"

11/03/15Leonard SusskindStanford UniversityAndrei Linde"Entanglement and Complexity: Gravity and Quantum Mechanics"
11/10/15Yifang WangInstitute of High Energy Physics, ChinaAndrei Linde

"Neutrino Oscillations: Past, Present and Future"

11/17/15Zvi BernUCLARenata Kallosh"A Curious Story of Quantum Gravity in the Ultraviolet".
12/01/15Rebecca FlintIowa State UniversityStudent host:  Christopher Watson"Novel Kondo Physics in Non-Kramers Doublets"

Winter 2015/2016, Committee: R. Blandford (Chair), T. Heinz, L. Hollberg, K. Irwin

01/12/16Ralf Wessel      Washington University

Student host:  Nora Brackbill

01/19/16Leonardo SenatoreStanford UniversityRoger BlandfordTBD
01/26/16Tyce DeYoungMichigan State Univ.Roger BlandfordTBD
02/09/16Eric CornellUniv. of ColoradoLeo HollbergTBD
02/16/16Benjamin LevStanford UniversityLeo HollbergTBD
02/23/16Hanoch GutfreundHebrew Univ. of JerusalemWilliam Little“The Genesis of General Relativity and its Formative Years”
03/01/16Konrad LehnertUniv. of ColoradoKent IrwinTBD
03/15/16Fiona HarrisonCaltechRoger BlandfordTBD

Spring 2015/2016, Committee: M. Schleier-Smith (Chair), G. Gratta, B. Lev, S. Zhang

04/19/16Hakeem OluseyiFlorida Institute of TechnologyStudent host: Ruby LaiTBD
05/03/16Jun YeUniv. of Colorado/JILABenjamin LevTBD
05/10/16Dam Thanh SonUniv. of ChicagoShoucheng ZhangTBD
05/17/16Mikhail LukinHarvard UniversityBenjamin LevTBD
05/24/16Theodor Haensch/Hofstadter LecturerUniversity of MunichSteve ChuTBD

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