Applied Physics/Physics Colloquium

AY 2021/22

Spring Qtr. Colloq. Committee: R. Blandford, S. Clark, B. Lev (chair). Start time: 3:30 p.m. in Hewlett 200.

4/5/2022 Jack Harris Yale University Ben Lev Measuring the eigenvalue braids & knots near higher-order execeptional points
4/12/2022 Bill Collins (Hofstadter speaker) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Steve Chu Prospects for estimating Transient Climate Response to Greenhouse Gases using the Fluctuation Dissipation Theorem
4/19/2022 Justin Vandenbroucke University of Wisconsin-Madison Giorgio Gratta Astrophysics with high energy neutrinos
4/26/2022 Garth Illingworth UC-Santa Cruz Roger Blandford JWST is the most ambitious astronomy mission ever. What did it take to make JWST a reality, and how is it progressing towards revealing its extraordinary science capabilities
5/3/2022 Immanuel Bloch Max Planck Institute Vedika Khemani

Quantum Matter under the Microscope - Engineering and Probing Quantum Matter using Quantum Simulations

5/10/2022 David Paul DeMille University of Chicago Ben Lev Ultracold polar molecules: an emerging tool for quantum science
5/17/2022 Sarah Gibson University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Susan Clark

Beyond Flatland: A Star of Many Dimensions

5/24/2022 Mark Schnitzer Stanford University Ben Lev  
5/31/2022 Tracy Slatyer MIT Susan Clark  

AY 2022/23

Aut Qtr. Colloq. Committee: TBA. Start time: TBA p.m. in TBA.

DATE SPEAKER InStitution host title
10/4/2022 Giorgio Gratta Stanford University   State of the Department
10/18/2022 ZX Shen Stanford University Giorgio Gratta  
11/22/2022 No colloq (Thanksgiving recess)      


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