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Research Positions

Last updated: 08 December 2021

The link to the table of 2021 undergraduate research positions [faculty may continue to add positions, so check back] is here:
2021 Undergrad Summer Research Positions

In this listing you will find Physics/Applied Physics/SLAC professors who have expressed interest in mentoring an undergraduate research student.  Note, however, that students may work with any faculty member in Physics/Applied Physics/SLAC whether or not they are listed in this table.

The table also includes faculty from other departments, such as Biophysics, Chemistry, Radiology whose research is in physics or is closely physics-related.  These faculty are pre-approved for mentoring students in our program; they  generally have Physics backgrounds but happen to be in different departments.  

Both Physics and Engineering Physics declared majors are eligible, as well as first year students who have not yet declared.   However, Physics and Engineering Physics majors who wish to work with a faculty member in a School of Engineering Department should apply to the appropriate Engineering Department's Summer Research Programs.

Department faculty lists, with links to bio's, research interests and websites can be found at:


Summer Research programs elsewhere on campus (apply directly to these programs)




Geophysics/Earth Sciences.


VPUE has a more extensive list here