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Volunteer and Science Outreach

There are many volunteer and outreach opportunities available for Physics majors, graduate students, postdocs and faculty at Stanford. A good starting point is the Office of Science Outreach.

Science In Service Program

Science in Service is a program in which Stanford students are brought together with community organizations to teach, learn, and share science. The program presents an approach to science outreach that is based upon the basic principles of effective public service, and provides students a unique opportunity to learn about and participate in science outreach.

The Science Bus

The Science Bus exposes children to the science and technology that surround them through hands-on experiments and activities that are organized and taught by Stanford students. Program participants are challenged to learn about such topics as the buoyancy of boats, the lift of airplane wings, and the stability of houses during earthquakes. Selected groups of children from grades 2-7 are taught one afternoon a week at the school, with two Stanford students and one teacher working with each group. Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome.

Stanford Splash!

The Splash! program is about learning. It’s a program for students between 7th and 12th grade to explore new areas, learn something new, and discover their passions. Hundreds of volunteer Stanford students and community members get together for a single weekend to teach anything they want to students from all over California. Physics graduate students have played key leadership roles in SPLASH! at Stanford.

KIPAC Outreach

See the Outreach web page for the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology for education and outreach opportunities.