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Undergraduate Resources

Courses and Academic Information: 

Four Year Plans (Google Doc): 

The courses required for the B.S. degree in Physics, as well as the Minor in Physics, are listed in the Physics section of Explore Degrees.  When planning your schedule for the required courses, note that almost all courses required for the Physics major are offered only once a year.  Thus you should plan ahead, especially if you wish to study overseas. 

Overseas study is possible within the Physics major.  Due to the sequencing of Physics courses, the Autumn and Spring quarters are the best times to plan for being away from the Stanford campus.  Physics courses required for the major are not offered at any of Stanford's overseas campuses. 

Sample four-year schedules for completing the Physics major are shown in the links below.   Incoming physics students have a wide range of backgrounds, ranging from no junior/senior-level high school physics to very advanced. These sample schedules are intended to show how the major can be completed, depending on your background.   The schedules also indicate when overseas study might be undertaken.

  • Detailed four-year schedules (Google Doc) showing various ways to complete the physics major depending on your physics and math background.

  • Courses required for each of the pathways in the Physics major (Google Doc).

  • Changes in content and scheduling of Physics courses taken by Physics and Engineering Physics were implemented between 2011/12 and 2012/13 and are described here.

Additional Physics Offerings:

Graduate School:

  • Resources for students applying to graduate programs in physics-related fields (google doc)

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