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Eligibility for Physics Summer Research

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Applicants must be Stanford Physics or Engineering Physics undergraduate students.  (Stanford also has two different programs for external/non-Stanford students.)

  • CoTerm students who do not have their B.S. degree and have not yet entered the graduate part of their program are also eligible.   This is indicated on your transcript.

  • Students must be registered for the Spring quarter before, and the Autumn quarter after, Summer 2020. 

  • Current sophomore and junior students must be declared Physics or Engineering Physics majors by the application deadline.

  • Freshman students are not required to be declared majors.  This is to encourage first-year students to  "try out" the research side of physics.

Funding Priority  (see FAQ #10 for more details):

Students who have participated in this program in prior years are still eligible to apply.  However, if there are more applicants than funding--the usual situation--priority will be given to those who have not yet had funding.  

Rising seniors/5th year coterms who have participated for 1 or more priors year are required to submit a Student Major Grant proposal in order to be eligible to apply to this program as a backup plan.  Those who have participated for 2 prior years should plan on not being funded by this program (due to limited funding, not because we don't like you).  You also should apply for a Student Major Grant as well as investigate other sources of funding, starting with your faculty research mentor. 

Note that the Student Major Grant is a separate program in the VPUE, distinct from the summer funding provided in this Physics/AppliedPhysics/SLAC program.   It requires a serious research proposal, including a literature search, so start early--applications are due in March.   Physics and Engineering Physics students who make a serious Major Grant proposal historically have a high probability of being funded by the VPUE;  those who throw something together a few days before the deadline are unlikely to be successful.

Click here for information on undergraduate summer research at a variety of other universities and labs, both in the US and internationally.

Note: This program is not an NSF REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program.  Students from outside Stanford who wish to work in a faculty research group should contact that faculty member directly.