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Eligibility for Physics Summer Research

This program is open only to Stanford Physics or Engineering Physics undergraduate students. (Stanford also has two different programs for external/non-Stanford students.) 

Funding is not available for students who have their Bachelor's degree.  If you are a co-terminal student going into your 5th year, you must not have received your B.S. degree prior to the summer.  

Current sophomore and junior students must be declared Physics or Engineering Physics majors by the application deadline.

Freshman students are not required to be declared majors.  This is to encourage first-year students to  "try out" the research side of physics.

Students who have participated in this program in prior years are still eligible to apply.  However, if there are more applicants than funding--the usual situation--priority will be given to those who have not yet had funding.  

Rising seniors/5th year coterms who have participated for 1 prior year are required to submit a Student Major Grant proposal in order to be eligible to apply to this program as a backup plan.  Those who have participated for 2 prior years should plan on not being funded by this program (due to limited funding, not because we don't like you).  You also should apply for a Student Major Grant as well as investigate other sources of funding, starting with your faculty research mentor. 

Note that the Student Major Grant is a separate program in the VPUE, distinct from the summer funding provided in this Physics/AppliedPhysics/SLAC program.   It requires a serious research proposal, including a literature search, so start early--applications are due in March.   Physics and Engineering Physics students who make a serious Major Grant proposal historically have a high probability of being funded by the VPUE;  those who throw something together a few days before the deadline are unlikely to be successful.

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Note: This program is not an NSF REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program.  Students from outside Stanford who wish to work in a faculty research group should contact that faculty member directly.