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Faculty advising is available to any undergraduate interested in Physics or Engineering Physics majors. 

Contact information for...

  • Premajor advising in Physics and physics course transfer evaluation, contact Rick Pam.
  • Premajor advising in Engineering Physics, contact Professor Pat Burchat in Physics or Professor Mark Cappelli in Engineering.
  • Administrative questions, contact the UG Student Services Officer in Physics, Elva Carbajal.
  • Approvals of waivers and substitutions in the Physics major, first contact your major advisor, and then contact Director of Undergraduate Studies in Physics,  Peter Graham.

Major advisors in physics

The following faculty are currently accepting new advisees for 2018/19:

  • Patricia Burchat
  • Blas Cabrera
  • Sarah Church
  • Sean Hartnoll
  • Shamit Kachru
  • Bruce Macintosh
  • Hari Manoharan
  • Vahe Petrosian
  • Sri Raghu
  • Roger Romani
  • Zhi-Xun Shen

Major advisors in engineering physics

For information on major advisors in Engineering Physics, see Engineering Physics Major in the School of Engineering site.