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Teaching Assistant

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the Physics Department.  In order to apply as a TA in Physics, you should note the following points:

  1. Priority is given to students who have completed or are concurrently registered for the practicum course PHYS 294, Teaching Physics.  PHYS 294 is offered Autumn and Winter quarters only.
  2. There is no need to approach individual instructors about TA positions -- especially not for the introductory courses. You will have the opportunity to state your preferences on the application.
  3. Priority in hiring is given to applicants who are graduate students in the Physics Department.
  4. TAs for the PHYS 20 and 40 series are offered 50% appointments during the academic year and 30% over the summer.  TAs for other courses are offered 25% appointments.
  5. Before applying to TA for the department, please review the responsibilities for TAs of specific courses described in the links below.
  6. You must complete the TA application by the due date for the quarter in which you wish to apply. Typically, the TA application period opens around the following dates and closes about two weeks after it opens:
    • Around the end of week 7 of summer quarter, typically between August 10 and 24 for Autumn quarter applications.
    • Around the end of week 5 of fall quarter, typically between October 19 and November 2 for Winter quarter applications.
    • Around the end of week 5 of winter quarter, typically between February 1 and 15 for Spring quarter applications.
    • Around the end of week 7 of spring quarter, typically between May 13 and 17 for Summer quarter applications.

More details on specific courses can be found in ExploreCourses.  Details relevant to serving as a TA for Physics courses can be found at the links below:

Nontechnical Courses

20 or 40 Series

Discussion Sections

Laboratory Sections

Head Teaching Assistant

60 Series

Discussion Sections

Laboratory Sections

Active Learning Courses

Required Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Elective Courses

Intermediate and Advanced Lab Courses

Graduate Courses

Observational Astronomy Courses

Summer Series