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Graders:  Occasionally the department needs graders for courses. Grading positions provide an hourly wage, do not pay any tuition allowance, and cannot be used to fulfill the teaching requirement for graduate students in Physics.  Graders typically grade problem sets and/or exams and occasionally write solutions as well. Graders are sometimes hired for graduate courses, or for one-time assistance in grading exams for an undergraduate course. 

Graders may work a maximum of 8 hours per week.  International students may not work as a grader during the academic year if they have a 50% RA, TA or combined RA/TA appointment. Rules are slightly different for summer quarter.  See Maria Frank or Elva Carbajal if you have further questions about grading positions.

If you are interested in becoming a grader, you must complete an Application by the due date for the quarter in which you wish you apply. Typically, the application period opens around the following dates and closes about two weeks after it opens:

  • Around the end of week 7 of summer quarter, typically between August 10 and 24 for Autumn quarter applications.
  • Around the end of week 5 of fall quarter, typically between October 19 and November 2 for Winter quarter applications.
  • Around the end of week 5 of winter quarter, typically between February 1 and 15 for Spring quarter applications.
  • Around the end of week 7 of spring quarter, typically between May 13 and 17 for Summer quarter applications.