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  • Full Time Enrollment:  In order to receive a salary from the university, you must be registered as a full-time student.  For Physics graduate students, this means you must enroll in courses and/or research adding up to 10 units each quarter during the academic year or for the zero-unit TGR course PH802 if you are on TGR status.  Enrollment levels for Summer quarter will vary according to your total RA/TA appointment percentage.
  • Eligibility to work in the United States:  All students, scholars and fellows receiving financial support or wages from Stanford must have a U.S. social security number or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) on file with the University and an I-9 form on file with Payroll.  In addition, foreign students must have a current visa and passport.
  • English Proficiency for Teaching Assistants (International Students Only):  The University requires that International graduate students who wish to be appointed as TAs  must first be screened by proficiency in the English language. The screening is conducted by the English for Foreign Students Program in the Stanford Language Center.  More information on the screening exam can be found at We strongly recommend that students get screened at least one quarter prior to the quarter in which they wish to TA.
  • Tax declaration:  All students must have submitted a form SU-32/W-4/DE-4 Employee's Tax Data (includes federal and state withholding certificate).
  • Performance Expectations:  A Physics Department Teaching Assistantship, like any other form of employment, has required duties that must be fulfilled. Employees must have a positive attitude and performance must meet or exceed expectations or the employment may be terminated, even if in the middle of a term.
  • Attendance:  Please plan to be here the entire quarter and do not plan to leave campus for a vacation, conference, etc., until the final exam for the course is graded.
  • Evaluations:  TA performance is evaluated on an on-going basis throughout the quarter.  Feedback regarding TA performance will be compiled from mid- and end-quarter student feedback, from instructor feedback, and from Head TA feedback for courses that have Head TAs.  Continued employment as a Physics department TA is contingent upon, but not guaranteed by, positive feedback and timely correction of any deficiencies.