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TAing PHYS 20 Summer Series

The summer quarter PHYS 20 series TAships are short, intense TAing sessions that easily take up to 40 hours each week for the four-week duration of the course.  Each summer quarter PHYS 20 series TA will be responsible for one section of students.  A section of students will meet for discussion sections twice a week and labs twice a week.  Unlike the academic year, during summer quarter, a single TA is responsible for both lab and discussion components of the course.  In addition to leading the section for both lab and discussion, each TA is also responsible for:

  • Attending all lectures and interacting with students during clicker question discussions
  • Grading all student work, e.g. labs, pre-labs, exams, and any assigned problems
  • Completing labs and discussion section problems for the week beforehand
  • Determining rubrics for graded items so there is consistency across TAs
  • Holding four hours of office hours at the PTC each week.  These are typically scheduled on Wednesdays and Fridays since there are no labs on those days.  When scheduling office hours or review session avoid noon to 1 pm and 6 to 7 pm since those slots coincide with meal hours.
  • Miscellaneous tasks that come up during the quarter, such as proof-reading and completing exams and offering feedback; making copies of course materials; writing up solutions etc.