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Strike For Black Lives

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Members of the physics and applied physics departments are participating in a Strike4BlackLives on June 10, 2020. We, and our colleagues, acknowledge that academic physics as a community has contributed to the history and present of marginalization, and we actively seek to change this. The strike calls on us to pause our regular activities, and work towards activities that uplift Black lives, including in our own community.

We welcome and invite our colleagues to read the call for the strike at and, and to join us in this day of action. We have planned a set of activities organized by various members of the department. There are many additional options for action, for example those suggested at Strike for Black Lives.

Register in advance for Zoom activities at this link.

11-12:30: Community discussion on anti-Blackness and allyship

Organizers: Grad Action Committee and PUWMAS

Undergraduate and graduate students in the physics and applied physics department will be leading a discussion on structural racism and effective allyship. This will not and cannot be a comprehensive study on this topic, but we hope to open up the discussion on the origins and implications of structural racism for Black people in the United States, and start to introduce tools that we can all use to combat anti-Blackness in our broader community. We will end with a discussion on the voices and experiences of Black students in the Stanford community to show how these implications affect us at all levels. After the discussion, we encourage you to continue your own education through the list of resources provided.

Please see these links on allyship and battling white supremacy:

1:30-3: Discuss & brainstorm the AIP TEAM-UP report & assessment

Organizers: Equity and Inclusion Committee

The American Institute of Physics released a report about the "long-term systemic issues within the physics and astronomy communities that contribute to the underrepresentation of African Americans" in academia and provided actionable recommendations to reverse the trend. We will discuss the report and break out into small groups to engage with the report's content and its self-assessment rubric.

3:30-4:30: Interactive event about the call for social justice

Facilitated by Steve Lee, PhD – Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, School of Humanities and Sciences
Joseph Brown, PhD – Graduate Diversity Recruitment Officer, School of Humanities and Sciences; Associate Director of the Office of Inclusion, Belonging, and Intergroup Communication

Steve Lee and Joseph Brown will co-facilitate an interactive session on the call for social justice.  As we consider the COVID-19 pandemic, and the killing of George Floyd and the protests, how can we respond?  Why is it that the voices and stories of the oppressed often seem to be forgotten or ignored?  What can we do to pursue social justice, and what are some potential mis-steps to avoid?  Steve and Joseph will share their thoughts on these questions, and provide opportunities for sharing and listening to your voices.

5-6: Action Circle

Organizers: Graduate Women in Physics and Applied Physics

We’ll provide a space for people to take action, whether it’s signing petitions, writing emails and letters, or donating to community organizations. We’ll have a list of resources available, including email templates, people to write to, and current policies and legislation related to policing at local, state, and national levels. This is a casual event, so feel free to drop in at any time. If you have a laundry list of petitions/emails, now’s the time to get them done!