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Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

Our department began forming a strategic plan in 2016-17 to produce a more equitable and inclusive department.  It was developed by the Equity and Inclusion Committee, which consists of faculty and staff members, postdoctoral scholars, and undergraduate and graduate students.

What is the current status of the plan?

The plan is being finalised with department faculty, but we expect it to make it public in the coming months. The committee will continue to solicit feedback from our community members, as well as consult experts from Stanford and from the broader community. Please contact us at with any ideas and suggestions.

What are the goals of the plan?

Under this strategic plan, Stanford Physics will: 1) develop innovative practices to broaden participation in physics at all levels, and 2) strive to foster a culture that supports a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We expect that success in these goals provides a major opportunity for our department to attract and develop the most talented physicists from our community and the world, from a wide range of backgrounds and demographic groups.

These are only the broadest aims of the plan, which details actions in six areas: Department Climate and Policies, Undergraduate, Graduate, Postdoctoral Fellow & Research Associates, Faculty, and Staff. For each area, we have formulated key goals and their desired five-year outcome, with specific strategies to achieve each of those key goals.